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  2. Has anyone ever modified the console on a Vector 2796 to fit electronics? If so what did you do? Photo's would be great
  3. East Cape - Thought I'd seen it all  Yesterday the Dorado Shoot Out was held.  With a new pickup truck up for grabs and several side pots it is the most attended tournament on the East Cape with somewhere in the neighborhood of 130 boats every year.   Although well attended the last couple years have been very disappointing with a 12 lb. fish taking all the marbles.  This year our fishery has rebounded and it was my prediction it would take forty pounds to win.  Boy, was I wrong. About one o'clock in the afternoon word came out on the VHF that boat Amante had weighed a 51 lb. fish.  A few minutes later Arturo Sylva called on the VHF to compare notes as we passed each other trolling in different directions.  We both agreed there was still time and we just needed to stay after it.  The conversation wasn't over when I could hear him shout dorado!  A moment later I could see the eruption behind his boat.  The dorado was huge so I started to circle around in hope that there would be more.  After a short battle they boated the fish and headed for the scale.  Arturo said he thought his fish was about 45 lbs but it looked considerably larger to me.   Later word came out on the VHF his fish was 57.3.  I was pretty sure they iced it and very happy for a good friend.  Just when I thought I had seen it all word came out that Lucio Sylva,  Arturo's cousin, who was fishing the same area weighed a fish 61 lbs. We fished out the day releasing 2 striped marin, a small dorado in the fish box and a close encounter with a wahoo.  No fish to weigh it was still fun to be where the action was and watch it all come down.  It wasn't our turn and our ticket didn't get pulled this time. We will be there for the EC Bisbee in two weeks. You can bet we will have our game face on.   Thought I'd seen it all   Organized chaos   Just when I thought I'd seen it all. Difficult situation, blue marlin with no snout to grab.  Don't want to lose my Halco Laser pro 190.   Walking the beach this morning.  Just when I thought I'd seen it all.   Juvenile marlin in 10 feet of water 50 yards off the beach chasing bait     Just when I thought I have seen it all.   Some drunk moron with no boat edict drops anchor between 2 of our boats.  Like the ocean is not big enough.   Don't stick your hand in there.   Roosters still pleasing anglers taking the time to look for them.         Mark Rayor US cell 310 308 5841    
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  5. East Cape - Here's why  Here's why the East Cape has the reputation of being the roosterfish capital of the world.  These photos are from the last 3 days.  Just a note, all fish were safely released after being landed with Accurate's new Valiant series reels.                              Mark Rayor US cell 310 308 5841
  6. Won't start

    Mercruiser i/o won't start in morning but has no issue starting in the afternoon. Anyone with any ideas. Changed all ignition parts distributor cap ignition coil ignition wiring?
  7. We are in the process of investigating Volvo Penta Engines that may be defective.  If you purchased a  Volvo Penta 5.70SXi and 8.10Si gas powered engine with XDP sterndrives with XXP TSK transom shield Spec Numbers 3869293, 3869297, 3869347, 3869348, 3886856, 3886857, contact us.  Consumers Advocates Attorney Ronald Marron  (619) 696-9006
  8. East Cape - The bite is on  Just when I thought fishing couldn't get any better a couple of big tuna sainers came in and scooped up more than 200 ton.  It put a crimp in fishing the porpoise schools offshore so we had to shift gears.  Chunking squid on high spots has been very productive and filled the tuna gap.  A bonus was also catching amberjack and dorado on the same spots. It is great to see the dorado showing after being absent for a couple years.  The season started with fish too small to keep but now respectable 20 to 40 pounds are being landed and the numbers of fish are increasing. The last couple days the offshore tuna have bounced back and once again most of the fleet fishing the porpoise are returning with limits.  Monster roosterfish have also shown in volume and are tearing up light tackle. Margaritas are tasty, Coronas cold and the bite is on.  It doesn't get any better than this! Western Outdoor News editor Pat McDonald got in on the action with limits of yellowfin    Chunking squid has been very productive    Jerry Rootlieb found the dorado and limits of tuna    Most of the tuna on the outside have been footballs but some larger models are mixed in    Fish caught chunking have been better quality  Roosterfish have been on the bite Yesterday the roosters mostly beat us up.  We could only go 3 for 11 on these 50 to 70 pound fish.   Good to see the dodos back.   Mark Rayor teamjenwren
  9. Which tide app do you use on your iphone. Which is more user friendly, easily accessible...   Rick
  10. East Cape - They're biting!  I haven't seen this many smiling faces in three years and it just keeps getting better.  Yes, they're biting and the outlook is bright for the rest of the summer.  Adios El Nino, hello great fishing.   If you are reading this I assume you like to fish.  If that assumption is correct it is time to get off the couch and book a fishing trip.  It is here, it is now and it is happening. Inshore and offshore gamefish are bending rods.  It is looking like the days of old with marlin, tuna, wahoo, dorado and roosterfish all here in volume and ready to dine.                     Mark Rayor US cell 310 308 5841      
  11. Hey RB members, I have gathered too many offshore trolling Rod-n-Reel combo's and need to make room in my garage. If you are interested in a Penn 114 or Penn 115L trolling rig, let me know. Pictured is one example of what I have available. If you are looking to start a fishing charter business, these would make great starter gear. I am only asking for what I have put into them to rebuild or service them. All are guaranteed to be in good condition and operational.  (713) 515 -2160
  12. East Cape - Wahoo Alley  Last week just as it started to look like things couldn't get any better an upwelling of cold off colored water came from the south and I watched water temps drop from 78 to 70 degrees overnight.  It was no surprise the dramatic change in conditions dried up our bait supply and put a crimp in the bite.  Day by day the water has warmed.  Now bait is plentiful and the fishing has spooled back up again. Now striped marlin, yellowfin tuna, wahoo, roosterfish and even a few dorado are bending rods and on anglers score cards.  The incredible wahoo bite has been the biggest surprise to me.  I'm calling the area between Punta Colorada and Punta Arena Wahoo Alley.  In the more than 26 years living here I have never found it this easy to target wahoo.  In the last 2 weeks we have helped 6 different anglers bag their bucket list wahoo.   Hard to hook. Two boobie trap hooks and  a hoo still managed to slice this bait in two and elude all those hooks   One day we had great action but only went one for ten   Bucket list hoo   Sweet!   They just keep coming   Fish holds plugged with yellowfin   Dorado making an appearance    Nice dodo   Manuel on the wire   Never get tired of East Cape sunrises         Mark Rayor US cell 310 308 5841
  13. I have a 2008 stingray 240 cs with a 5.0 volvo IO with 230 hours. I purchased the boat last year and notice a gas or petroleum smell in the cabin when it is closed up for more than a half hour. I noticed a smell of such coming thru the cabin floor drain which lead to the bilge. I cleaned the bilge with over the counter products 3 times. No difference. I had 2 marinas look at it. One stated the gas tank hoses may need to be replaced. The second stated stingray has no over the side gas tank vent. The gas system vents directly under the gas fill and may be drifting back into the bilge. No visible leaks were found  If you run the bilge blower it goes away but returns in approx 30 45 minutes after you shut it off. If you put your nose close to the gas fill you smell gas even even its capped. The air inlet to the bilge is about a foot away from the gas fill. All the lines and pumps were checked. Any suggestions as to what may be the cause.
  14. Hi everyone, Ryan here from  A couple of years ago we released the original Splash Drone (the first waterproof drone in the world). I wanted to make everyone in the boating and fishing community aware that we just launched the new Splash Drone 3 on Kickstarter. We'd like to invite everyone to check out the campaign and give us their feedback on both the campaign and the drone itself.  We welcome all feedback. Here is a link to the campaign.  
  15. I am looking for a used 5.7L Mercruiser mag MPI Fresh water cooled Bravo III engine only.  Complete, drop in and ready to run. Clean, low hours, and well maintained. Maintenance records helpful. Thank you. Please contact me, Carter Hubbard, at:  
  16. East Cape - The old norm  The East Cape fishery has gone from zero to full throttle in a period of 10 days.  It has been a tough, tough spring for anglers but now the tide has turned and the place is hitting on all cylinders.   Tuna, striped marlin, wahoo and roosterfish have all shown up in volume with an appetite. Our area has always had such a prolific fishery anglers have come to expect great things every day.  The last 3 years fishing was pretty good by some other fishing destination standards but many had expectations so high they were disappointed.  Now we are experiencing glimmers of the old norm before being plagued with El Nino conditions.   Yellowfin have arrived   The "bight" is so good Steve Petit took a limit fly casting   Scott Hulet from the Bight Journal took his bucket list wahoo   The Bight Journal crew down on a field research trip released five roosterfish one afternoon after taking 20 yellowfin tuna in the morning   Stripers are taking the bait   Five striped marlin and a tuna for Gary and Melissa Bielat to win the Borggreve charity tournament based at Rancho Leonero.   Pilotfish (camisas) piling up on the shark buoys have been easy to catch for bait.   Nice hoo for Mike Lapp.  Look for his photo in Western Outdoor News   As fresh as it gets, sashimi Jen Wren style vanishing as fast as we can cut it.   Beautiful sunrises.  Yes, East Cape is back to the old norm     Mark Rayor US cell 310 308 5841    
  17. This is a 1 family boat. My wife’s grandfather purchased this boat brand new and hardly used it (< 100 hours on the motor), which was passed on to his wife. She never used the boat and kept it in storage for 12 years. She passed it on to my wife and I, and over the past couple years I had the boat fully restored (see list below) to like-new condition. Unfortunately, we have only been able to take it out a couple times since restoring it because I am back in school. So instead of it sitting in storage for the next 3 years, I have decided to sell it to someone who can fully enjoy it! I have it in a fully covered storage unit. I am looking to sell it only, no trades. Feel free to contact me at with any questions and/or additional picture requests. I am located in Houston, TX. *Comes with a 2005 Continental Tandem aluminum trailer* Original features include: ·         19’6” LOA, 8’6” Beam, center console ·         1998 Mercury Offshore 175hp Outboard with < 100 hours ·         Custom aluminum t-top with rocket launchers ·         316 stainless steel bow rail, 3 blade stainless steel propeller, Power steering, Pedestal seats, 90 gallon fuel tank, Large anchor locker, forward storage locker with cushion for seating, 20 gal live well, 2 insulated fish boxes, Rear storage locker, Swim ladder, Full transom ·         Wiring from old gps/fish finder with transom-mounted transducer still intact (but removed gps/fish finder because it did not work) ·         Wiring from old single VHF radio with antenna still intact (but removed radio because it did not work and antenna because it was broken) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Below is a list of things done during the restoration. Hull and Deck Boat was completely stripped of all hardware, lids, parts, etc. and taken to Northwest Fiberglass in Lake Conroe, TX where the gel-coat of the entire boat was restored by wet sanding, compounding, polishing and waxing. The gel-coat was restored, not re-sprayed. So there are a few minor hairline cracks. Mechanical Service ·         Motor was serviced by Cy-Fair Marine in Katy, TX, who is a Mercury certified service, and included flushing and replacing all fluids, replaced water pump, replaced spark plugs and replaced valves. ·         Fuel tank was serviced and flushed with new fuel filter and fuel lines. ·         Sea Star hydraulic steering system drained, flushed and filled, and hydraulic shaft seals replaced New Electronics ·         Center console controls: replaced ignition faceplate and kill switch, all gauges (fuel level, RPM, engine temp, battery voltage), Mercury throttle control, all selector switches and fuse covers, cigarette lighter socket replaced with 2 usb power outlets ·         2 Optima Marine Dual purpose batteries with Perko marine battery selector switch and marine grade wiring ·         JBL PRV-175 marine digital receiver with built-in Bluetooth, radio, and with usb/aux input jacks. Replaced the starboard backplate for a blank canvas for gps, radio, etc of your choosing! ·         A pair of Polk Audio marine 6.5” speakers face the bow and a pair of Polk Audio marine 6x9 speakers face the stern, and are powered by a Polk Audio class D 4-channel marine amplifier. All installation wiring is marine grade. New Parts ·         Every single cushion (including the bolsters with Boston Whaler logo) is brand new and custom made by Anderson Mfg & Upholstery ·         Rear storage locker lid and live well lid are brand new and custom made from Boston Whaler ·         The motor support bracket and fishing station are brand new and custom made by Martin Marine Design (all metal parts are 316 stainless steel) ·         All of the following have been replaced and are 316 stainless steel: fishing rod holders, cleats, steering wheel, all screws, all washers, all nuts, all bolts, all hinges, all handles, all locks, and fuel and water access covers ·         All decals and stickers have been replaced and are from Boston Whaler ·         Entire rub rail has been replaced ·         All navigation lights by Perko have been replaced ·         Shower assembly (spray nozzle, hose, and holder) has been replaced ·         All access plates and rod end holders have been replaced ·         Cooler cleats and Igloo cooler have been replaced ·         T-top canvas has been replaced ·         New custom fit boat cover that covers the entire boat and motor, not just the center console
  18. I hate having to check my regs card each trip to remind myself the season status of the various fish we catch in NJ. Now you can get status in real time from here.   Anyone think there is a need for this in your state?  PM Me.
  19. Buying a boat is very different from buying an automobile. As everyone knows that boating is an enjoyable activity to do, and my brother loves boating. Two years before he had bought his first boat which was shipped from California by boat transportation services. After transporting he had a great time by cruising, fishing, wake surfing, and much more. That's why I want to buy this boat for my brother. Is this boat is still available?
  20. As happy as a clam

    Thanks for the article.
  21. Suzuki Prop 3x16x18.5

    Loots great!!
  22.   East Cape - Just goofing around  Our 2017 season is off to a sputtering start.  Locating gamefish has been tough and finding anglers hasn't been much easier.  Great conditions have made it look like the bite will bust wide open any day.  I have been saying that for more than a month and it still hasn't happened. Tuna, marlin, amberjack and roosterfish have all been visible but just haven't had an appetite.  Lack of anglers causing few departures has not helped.  It is a damned if you do, damned if you don't situation.  We need more boats fishing to help locate where the action is.  On the other hand it is frustrating to get a good thing going and have too much traffic. We have been struggling to find fish but one thing I know for sure, you can't catch them sitting on the porch.  Fishing is my passion and I love being on the water, only having a few charters has given me the opportunity to just goof around.  Doing so I have certainly found enough action to keep my attention.  Posted are a few recent photos.   I run a hell of a good operation.  Front row seat for whale watching when we are not catching fish at no extra charge   Goofing off on an over night trip with the crew. None of them had ever seen a fish like this or knew what it was.  Being a So. Cal. guy I recognized the sheephead immediately.   Tuna have been a slow pick chunking squid   Captain Polo on the wire   This has been a different year.  It is unusual to get sailfish this early   Jen Wren Jeni on the release   Sell your Pacifico stock!  Jackurate is on the Gatorade   Picked off a nice rooster yesterday while on anchor scrubbing the Vaquera   Always something to see.  Lots of turtles in the area   I never get tired of East Cape sunrises         Mark Rayor US cell 310 308 5841    
  23. I recently purchased a 2003 Wellcraft coastal 220. It seems that the anchor has been replace on the boat. From what I can see it looks like the wrong anchor was purchased for the bow pulpit. Can anyone point me to the anchor I should be purchasing? See the pictures. Also would I need a anchor tensioner to keep the new anchor in place?Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  24. East Cape - Week of firsts  We had our first showing of yellowfin tuna of the season.  Most of the fish were a nice 30 to 40 pounds and caught chunking squid or drifting live bait.  The bite never really got hot and was just a slow pick for a few weeks. Now that has gone from slow to no pick.  Right now there is no other way to describe what is happening but tough. Each fishing day we have only had a few events and been lucky enough to cash in on them.  Stan Lowery brought his 10 and 11 year old grandsons who each caught their first grouper and snapper.  He also tangled with his first thresher shark and quickly learned how ferociously they fight.  To close the week Jen Wren Jeni caught and released our first billfish of the season. As quiet as it is at the moment it has not been boring. This week we sighted common dolphin, bottlenose dolphin, giant pacific mantas, orcas, blue whales, humpback whales, gray whales and a couple of the endangered vaquita porpoise.  That is not to mention the large variety of pelagic bird life.   I'm watching conditions change everyday.  Off shore the water is a nice blue and 76 degrees.  Spots of bait are starting to puddle and flying-fish starting to show.  There has also been an increase in bird life out there.  Just south of Los Frailes a couple of fleet boats located a volume of striped marlin each scoring two or three.  That only lasted a couple of days but the stage is set.  We also spotted our first swordfish of 2017. Looks like everything is starting to fall in place.   Common dolphin putting on a performance   Tunafish are playing hard to get   First grouper   First pargo   Thresher attack!   Stan Lowery's first thresher   Jen Wren Jeni scores first sailfish of our 2017 season   Adios muchacha, catch you another day.   That is all my hot air for this week, signing out.   Mark Rayor US cell 310 308 5841      
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