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  2. Thinking of wearing an original The Hull Truth shirt there.   But only have the long sleeve.
  3. The 58th annual Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show takes place from November 1 to 5, 2017. Covering seven locations with more than 3 million square feet of exhibit space, the show’s network of water taxis, riverboats and shuttles transport visitors to see an amazing array of marine products and accessories from astonishing super-yachts, fishing boats, runabouts and boats for every budget to fishing gear, marine art, jewelry and more. Attractions for the whole family include live water sport demonstrations, an exciting schedule of fishing and boating seminars and workshops for adults and children of all ages, and many other attractions dedicated to the boating lifestyle and the businesses that support the industry.
  4. East Cape - Stormin Norma  All is quiet on the East Cape right now and there is not a fishing boat in the water. For more than a week weather forecasters predicted we had a big storm coming.  Sure as could be a low formed below the Revillagigedo Islands.  We watched it grow from a depression to a tropical storm and finally a hurricane.  This ominous looking storm huffed and puffed but sat stationary for two days.  The prediction was that Norma would center punch Cabo San Lucas.  She was like a junk yard dog baring her teeth but not coming any closer.   In anticipation the Mexican government put Los Cabos under hurricane warnings.  Cabo San Lucas closed the port and every boat in Los Barriles and Buena Vista was pulled from the water.  After standing off and terrorizing us for a time that seemed like forever Norma finally started falling apart. The fur went down on her back, she was down graded from a hurricane and is now slowly exiting to the West. For a couple days it was like when I fished in Alaska and spent a lot of time looking over my shoulder for that bear. In the end we have had no wind, not a drop of rain and no surf.  Today boats will start going back in the water and we will pick up where we left off with excellent fishing. Speaking of fishing, tuna, dorado and billfish have been providing constant action.  Sardines have appeared on the shores of La Ribera and become available for bait.  They have been key and the bait of choice for tuna and dorado.  High spots to the south of Frailes and Pescadero have been the hot spots but the tuna have been line shy. 30 pound fluorocarbon and small hooks have been the combination for success. Blue marlin, striped marlin and sailfish have been very scattered with not much of a concentration.  Anglers putting in the time are picking away at them.   One day we looked off shore as far as 30 miles for porpoise schools but couldn't find them.  We were rewarded with a blue marlin and also a striper.  On another day we spent an afternoon targeting roosterfish but couldn't locate them.   A bigger volume of dorado than we have seen in a few years   Good to see the sardines   Double hookup!!   Mixed bag   Limits all around   What's a guy to do after a limit of tuna?  Head for the rocks   Donna is having a good day   Blue marlin putting on a show   Mark Rayor   US cell 310 308 58418 5841
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  6. GPS Trackers

    I think I'm understanding your question. Im curious because I looked into doing the samething. I was looking for something that I could access off of my phone. I personally (this is a sidenote/rant) think that the boating industry is not developing quick enough technology wise. The boating industry is acting like the transportation industry and being really slow to adopt new technology. Hence a gps system that I can access from my phone and get live updates and what not. Yes, I've looked into this quite a bit. (rant over) But anyways i guess I would recommend you check out gps satellite tracking hope that helps. Cheers
  7. GPS Trackers

    Hey Freemankv. you said without a monthly fee? Are you looking for a GPS service? I dont think you're talking about just a device   
  8. 2007, 31′ SAFE BOAT DEFENDER RESPONSE BOAT Triple (3X) 2016 SUZUKI 300HP Four Stroke Outboards Price: $319,900 2007, 31′ SAFE BOAT DEFENDER RESPONSE BOAT Triple (3X) 2016 SUZUKI 300HP Four Stroke Outboards Price: $319,900 2007/2016 Defender SAFEBOAT, Response boat, Patrol Boat 31′ FULL CABIN, engine warranty until 2/11/2022 (USCG, PATROL, POLICE, MILITARY, TOW, TENDER) Triple (3X)  2016 Four Stroke Suzuki 300 HP Outboards Only 100 hours and full warranty. To view more photos of this boat visit the FEATURED LISTINGS page at our GoldenGateBoatSales site. GOLDEN GATE BOAT SALES Licensed and Bonded Yacht Brokers Phone: 239-430-BOAT(2628)
  9. 2007, 24' SEA HUNT TRITON 240 CENTER CONSOLE Single Gas YAMAHA 250HP Four Stroke Outboard with SS Prop Always Inside Stored in Fantastic Condition - Turn-Key & Ready to Go! VESSEL WALK-THROUGH: This SEA HUNT TRITON 240 CC delivers exactly what the serious fishermen demand in a sportfishing center console boat.  She's powered up right with a single gas YAMAHA 4-Stroke Outboard. This boat is in fantastic condition inside and out and features multiple insulated fish-boxes and 30 gallon lighted aerated calming blue livewell, cockpit and bow bolsters with upgraded new 3" cushions, all stainless hardware and Yamaha Command Link digital gauges. To help deliver the perfect ride you'll find recessed trim tabs, and hydraulic steering as well. The aft fold-out beach seat offers additional seating for your guests. The cockpit of this model is designed to have abundant room for 360° of fishing. The hull design delivers a soft dry ride that's second to none in a 24 foot center console! Included is a new GARMIN echomap93SV GPS; QUEST VHF Marine Radio with Distress; Electric Bennett Trim Tabs; SONY AM/FM Stereo with Bluetooth; Forward and Aft Spreader Lights; and standard safety gear. MORE DETAILS: Triton builds their boats without any wood and designs them for zero flex in the stringer system. Maximum flotation is added for safety and comfort underway. The unibody construction is performance engineered delivering a better ride and feel with more structural strength. The transom is designed to spread the stresses of the motor over the entire width of the boat. Cockpit and Features The forward casting deck was spacious with a nice single step up from either side. Cleats are pop-up style to keep from snagging lines while working a fish around the boat. The ground tackle stores in a compartment up front that has keeper slots for a Danforth style anchor. This boat will not last long on the marketplace. Inquire today for a personal walk-through or you will miss out on a great buy! To view more photos and the full vessel specifications,  simply visit the FEATURED LISTINGS page at our GoldenGateBoatSales site.   GOLDEN GATE BOAT SALES Licensed and Bonded Yacht Brokers Phone: 239-430-BOAT(2628)  
  10. East Cape - Tournament ready  East Cape fishing on the Sea of Cortez continues to be outstanding.  Yesterday 44 teams competed in the first annual VanWormer wahoo tournament.  25 wahoo were landed and it took 55 lbs to take first prize and win a new car. So far the results in all the tournaments that have been held this year have been excellent and some have come to nail biter finishes.  Hard to imagine but after 12 lb dorado taking the Dorado Shoot Out 2 years in a row a 57 pound dorado was only good enough for 2nd place this year.  Also, a 430 lb blue marlin wasn't good enough in the East Cape Bisbee.  It is not just the tournaments with good fishing, day after day most of the fleet is returning with all the laundry out. Something anglers don't normally see is the attention we pay to the way our boats are mechanically performing everyday.  There is a daily ritual we go through from start up until end of day inspection of the engine room after shut down.  Late July Jen Wren III's starboard motor started asking for attention.  The first thing Captain Polo noticed was the exhaust had a little more humidity (steam) than normal.  Although the temperature gauge showed the normal 180 degrees while cruising the steam is an indication of overheating. I'm going to make a long story short.  The problems found were like the perfect storm.  We found the exhaust/raw water mixing elbow had some pin holes allowing raw water to mix with exhaust prematurely.  The steam in the exhaust system took out the turbo gasket where it mounts to the manifold.  The bad gasket allowed exhaust gas to mix with the fresh water system and turn the coolant black.  That in turn affected the thermostat and also took out the fresh water cooling pump.  In addition we discovered growth on the inside of the raw water speed scoop intake that was restricting flow.  I felt like Sherlock Holmes finding all the gremlins but she is happy and healthy again.  Vigilance was a key factor in finding all these little problems before a catastrophic failure. Just another day in the life of a charter operator.  Sometimes it is not easy making it look easy.   Dorado showing in numbers   Blue marlin always exciting   Polo on the wire getting our Bomboy back   New Mold Craft lures and squids. Always adding to our arsenal.   Billfish liking the Mold Craft squids   Tournament ready!   Staying home once in a while isn't so bad   Miller time Jen Wren style   Found this corbina washed up on the beach.  According to  Wikipedia (who is never wrong) the largest recorded specimen was 28 inches.  Judging by my Barny Rubble foot this croaker has to be close.   Laundry     Mark Rayor   US cell 310 308 5841
  11. East Cape - The wall is to tall  Reflecting back to 1991 when Jen and I pulled up stakes from Southern California and moved to Buena Vista.  Compared to today that time was like the stone age.  There was only one phone in our little town and communication was very limited.  No internet, no cell phones and importantly during hurricane season no weather forecasting.  In those days all the local resorts pulled their fishing boats and closed up shop for August, September and into October.   I quickly found and experienced that during the time the resorts were closed and everyone booked out of here were some of the best fishing times.  When storms threatened we hunkered down but that wasn't often and to this day it is my favorite time of year.  August and September are the most humid time making it sticky and uncomfortable but the trade off is well worth it with calm seas and spectacular fishing. Communication has changed the game.  Now with cell phones and internet service we are plugged in and always aware of what is happening around the world.  Weather forecasting has become sophisticated and accurate.  Now we have plenty of warning of an approaching storm and time to react.  Enough so that boats and property can be secured before coming in harms way.  Now the resorts stay open giving anglers the opportunity to take advantage. Still, some are afraid their timing might not be good.  Others don't like the heat and humidity. Well, now visitors can get off the plane and jump in an air conditioned shuttle to arrive at air conditioned accommodations.  Even our fishing boats have A/C.  Those who have dared to try it keep coming back. I am reminded that June 11, 1991, at about 11am we experienced a total solar eclipse.  Yes, it got completely dark for several minutes.  I don't remember how it came to be but we got the special glasses and were able to watch the moon eclipse the sun.  It was an event I will never forget.  Looks like we will miss the one tomorrow.  Some say it is  because the wall is to tall for us Mexicans to see the eclipse.  I believe the truth is the path of the moon will shadow the upper middle part of the US and not reach this far south.     Yellowfin have been plentiful    That little Accurate Valiant is tougher than the average angler   Victory!   Cubera are the best!   Another hoo hits the deck.  Halco Laser Pro's rock   Love those smiling faces   We have had a lot of requests to fish the Bisbee Black and Blue October 25-27.  Now is your chance, Jen Wren III just came bacame available.   Mark Rayor   US cell 310 308 5841
  12.   East Cape - Mid summer blues  The 18th annual East Cape Bisbee has been and gone.  Almost everything that can be said has but I'm going to weigh in with my take on this years event. It was by far the most action packed and exciting tournament in the East Cape's history.  This was the first year qualifying marlin over 300lbs were brought to the scale everyday, the first time a fish 430lbs wasn't big enough to win the daily and also the first time a daily didn't roll at least one day. Game fish jackpot was also very competitive with several qualifying yellowfin each day.  Jen Wren III got extremely lucky weighing the second largest dorado of the event.  Lucky because the boat with the largest was not entered in the gamefish pot which allowed Team Jones Fish to cash a check for $45,900.  Jones is no stranger to cashing checks finishing 3rd on Vaquera in a field of 186 teams last November at the Los Cabos Tuna Jackpot.  The Bisbee's split the prize money and wrote checks to more different teams than ever before.  Congrats to my friends Andrew, David, Martha, Arturo, Theresa and Alex for all doing a great job.   Looks like we mostly kept it in the family. So... why was this such an action packed event?  Because East Cape is experiencing the best fishing in many years.  It has been nothing but smiles.  No more anglers returning frustrated or with long faces.  No more blaming the moon phase, the tide, the bait, the off color water or any other lame excuse that can be dreamed up.  It has just been solid fishing all season. Now it is midsummer and our weather continues to be outstanding.  Humidity is up with Tropical Depression Jova passing by a couple hundred miles south of Cabo San Lucas.  It is breezy today but so far there has not been one day this season weather has kept us off the water.   Midsummer blues on the bite   Tom Hughes, Team Jones Fish with a winner   Tournaments are fun, the winners circle is more fun   Gary Graham captured this great shotgun start image.  I think that is us third from the right.     Meanwhile, before and after the tournament and still going on, quality tuna are cooperating.   Nice sized tuna are a bit line shy and our Accurate Valiants are punishing them   Wahoo in the hood.  Win a VW on August 26th we are available for a last minute entry.   Now the tournament is over and the blues won't leave us alone   Sam and Zane ready for sashimi.     Mark Rayor US cell 310 308 5841    
  13. Ho Li Fook ... me know nutting...  
  14. Dear RB Members, I need some advice and/or suggestions on what to do about my 2008 Mako 212 center console's footrest insert (riveted in-place) that has "yellowed" over the course of 9 years. Please examine the inserted picture and let me know what my best approach or alternatives are towards a fix or replacement. Many Thanks for your valuable input.
  15. Here is my 2008 Mako 212 Center Console with Mercury 200XL Optimax and her latest upgrades. I have included the Before and After photos to give you a sense of placement.
  16. Just wow... I hope no one was injured. Do you have any information on how this started? Where is this catastrophe?   Rick
  17. Has anyone ever modified the console on a Vector 2796 to fit electronics? If so what did you do? Photo's would be great
  18. East Cape - Thought I'd seen it all  Yesterday the Dorado Shoot Out was held.  With a new pickup truck up for grabs and several side pots it is the most attended tournament on the East Cape with somewhere in the neighborhood of 130 boats every year.   Although well attended the last couple years have been very disappointing with a 12 lb. fish taking all the marbles.  This year our fishery has rebounded and it was my prediction it would take forty pounds to win.  Boy, was I wrong. About one o'clock in the afternoon word came out on the VHF that boat Amante had weighed a 51 lb. fish.  A few minutes later Arturo Sylva called on the VHF to compare notes as we passed each other trolling in different directions.  We both agreed there was still time and we just needed to stay after it.  The conversation wasn't over when I could hear him shout dorado!  A moment later I could see the eruption behind his boat.  The dorado was huge so I started to circle around in hope that there would be more.  After a short battle they boated the fish and headed for the scale.  Arturo said he thought his fish was about 45 lbs but it looked considerably larger to me.   Later word came out on the VHF his fish was 57.3.  I was pretty sure they iced it and very happy for a good friend.  Just when I thought I had seen it all word came out that Lucio Sylva,  Arturo's cousin, who was fishing the same area weighed a fish 61 lbs. We fished out the day releasing 2 striped marin, a small dorado in the fish box and a close encounter with a wahoo.  No fish to weigh it was still fun to be where the action was and watch it all come down.  It wasn't our turn and our ticket didn't get pulled this time. We will be there for the EC Bisbee in two weeks. You can bet we will have our game face on.   Thought I'd seen it all   Organized chaos   Just when I thought I'd seen it all. Difficult situation, blue marlin with no snout to grab.  Don't want to lose my Halco Laser pro 190.   Walking the beach this morning.  Just when I thought I'd seen it all.   Juvenile marlin in 10 feet of water 50 yards off the beach chasing bait     Just when I thought I have seen it all.   Some drunk moron with no boat edict drops anchor between 2 of our boats.  Like the ocean is not big enough.   Don't stick your hand in there.   Roosters still pleasing anglers taking the time to look for them.         Mark Rayor US cell 310 308 5841    
  19. East Cape - Here's why  Here's why the East Cape has the reputation of being the roosterfish capital of the world.  These photos are from the last 3 days.  Just a note, all fish were safely released after being landed with Accurate's new Valiant series reels.                              Mark Rayor US cell 310 308 5841
  20. Won't start

    Mercruiser i/o won't start in morning but has no issue starting in the afternoon. Anyone with any ideas. Changed all ignition parts distributor cap ignition coil ignition wiring?
  21. We are in the process of investigating Volvo Penta Engines that may be defective.  If you purchased a  Volvo Penta 5.70SXi and 8.10Si gas powered engine with XDP sterndrives with XXP TSK transom shield Spec Numbers 3869293, 3869297, 3869347, 3869348, 3886856, 3886857, contact us.  Consumers Advocates Attorney Ronald Marron  (619) 696-9006
  22. East Cape - The bite is on  Just when I thought fishing couldn't get any better a couple of big tuna sainers came in and scooped up more than 200 ton.  It put a crimp in fishing the porpoise schools offshore so we had to shift gears.  Chunking squid on high spots has been very productive and filled the tuna gap.  A bonus was also catching amberjack and dorado on the same spots. It is great to see the dorado showing after being absent for a couple years.  The season started with fish too small to keep but now respectable 20 to 40 pounds are being landed and the numbers of fish are increasing. The last couple days the offshore tuna have bounced back and once again most of the fleet fishing the porpoise are returning with limits.  Monster roosterfish have also shown in volume and are tearing up light tackle. Margaritas are tasty, Coronas cold and the bite is on.  It doesn't get any better than this! Western Outdoor News editor Pat McDonald got in on the action with limits of yellowfin    Chunking squid has been very productive    Jerry Rootlieb found the dorado and limits of tuna    Most of the tuna on the outside have been footballs but some larger models are mixed in    Fish caught chunking have been better quality  Roosterfish have been on the bite Yesterday the roosters mostly beat us up.  We could only go 3 for 11 on these 50 to 70 pound fish.   Good to see the dodos back.   Mark Rayor teamjenwren
  23. Which tide app do you use on your iphone. Which is more user friendly, easily accessible...   Rick
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