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In Topic: Shipshape TV Show

04 April 2012 - 10:51 AM

Anyone catch the episode the other day on ShipShape TV. They introduced a product "SuperFlush" it was a back flushing system. Looks pretty interesting they put one on a Glasstream 360 SCX. I believe it was the same boat that was at the Miami Boat Show. Awesome looking boat.

John Greviskis was raving about the boat & the Super Flush system.

Just wanted to see if anyone saw it or if anyone has used that product. I asked this question on "TheHullTruth" and I'll I got was hate mail.

Just curious, but I looked at your thread on THT and didn't see any "hate mail". As others pointed out, ShipShape TV has become a glorified infomericial, not an unbiased DIY program. Do you really expect them to say anything negative about companies who purchase advertising on their show?