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This week started right where last week left off with outstanding fishing. Limits of yellowfin tuna were almost a slam dunk as was picking off a billfish or two on our way in from the tuna grounds.

Saturday started out like most other days with calm seas and a gorgeous sunrise. Our fishermen had all the tuna they wanted from the previous day so we just ran a short way and plunked in the marlin lures to target billfish. We had only been trolling a few minutes when I watched a water spout form before my eyes. Over the years we have seen several water spouts but I have never been this close to one or actually witnessed one coming together. It lasted for several minutes and poof was gone.

Shortly after the waterspout dissipated we found ourselves in a severe thunder storm with torrential rain. The sound of thunder over our heads was deafening. The storm passed quickly leaving Diego and myself drenched in the bridge. A few minutes later a beautiful rainbow appeared.

The effect of this odd tropical weather was to shut down the great bite. All of a sudden bait is tough to come by, we are not seeing tailing billfish and tuna fishing has been a scratch. This is the third day of tough fishing and I can hardly wait for it to get back to normal.

Stormy weather has effected more than just the fishing. Rene Marin worked for us 2 1/2 years as a scuba instructor and guide before moving to Cabo San Lucas. He always did an outstanding job and I was sad to see him move on.

Friday afternoon I received a call from his girl friend Gabby in a panic asking for our help. She said under tough weather conditions Rene had taken a tour scuba diving to Gordo banks and had been missing since 11AM along with 4 other divers. I called everyone we know in Cabo that could possibly help. The Navy was notified and started a search as did a few of the independent dive shops.

Just before dark we received a report that some of their gear had been recovered but no divers. As darkness set in the situation was looking pretty grim.

Jen and I tossed and turned all night until about 3:30 when we received a call from Gabby that Rene was OK. He along with the other divers being in the water for more than 14 hours were able to swim to shore. I know it was Rene's leadership and competence that saved them all.


A beautiful sunrise with the silhouette of Jen Wren


Incredible water spout


Looking for that pot of gold


After 10 straight years visiting the East Cape Jim Durky released his 1st and 2nd Sailfish


Everything eats those Halco lures


Marlin release


Billfish Cowboy's are newest Team Accurate members


Rene Marin saving a baby hawk he found helpless in the water

For frequent East Cape updates "like" www.facebook.com/JenWrenSportfishing

Mark Rayor




US cell 310 308 5841

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