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Fishing has been a real roller coaster. Early in the week striped marlin were in a feeding frenzy and giving anglers lots of action. Then the marlin slowed but big dorado showed. Just as the bite was getting into high gear a low pressure system hit and it shut off. The weather brought strong winds and we had a couple of pretty ugly days. Now the wind is gone and a huge volume of marlin have showed just a few miles off Punta Colorada. It has been easy to spot fish but they are finicky biters.

It has pretty much been the same roller coaster in shore. Roosterfish, pompano and jacks are on the rampage one day and just flat shut off the next.


This do-do was a dandy


Jen Wren crew enjoying a day off


Giddy up!


Diego boats a toad


Love our Accurate reels


I couldn't let the crew catch ALL the fish


There were a few sailfish mix in the action this week


Beautiful when they light up


Who says there are no orcas in the Sea of Cortez. We saw this big male off La Ribera and we received a couple reports of other sightings.

Next week I will be off guiding SCUBA tours on a private yacht. We will be diving from Ceralvo Island to Gordo Banks and everywhere in between. My 19 years experience as a PADI SCUBA instructor and thousands of dives guiding underwater tours in the Sea of Cortez landed this adventure for me. With this I may not be able to post up a fishing report.

For frequent East Cape updates "Like" the Jen Wren Sportfishing Facebook page.

Mark Rayor

US cell 310 308 5841

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