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  1. I just found the Reel Boating Forum and have registered. My Company is the first FACTORY AUTHORIZED rebuild center for Teleflex/Seastar marine hydrauilic steering systems in the U. S. I have been to the Factory in Vancouver, Canada and passed their training requirements for their hydraulic marine steering systems. I have been rebuilding hydraulic systems for 37 years. I have also invested thousands of dollars in testing equipment to dyno- load test each component after rebuilding. After 1 year of being in business and doing hundreds of rebuilds, I have had "0" warranty returns. Marine steering systems are critical to safe boating and a failed system can lead to injury or loss of life if not performed properly. I do each component myself as if it were going on my boat. Up until a year ago the boat owner's only options were to put a "seal kit" in a steering cylinder or an "o-ring" on the shaft of a steering helm. When I started my research to add hydraulic steering to my pre-owned offshore boat that I had purchased with cable steering, I found that there was no real rebuilt systems available. So that is when I contacted Seastar about opening a full rebuild facility. You make a substantial investment in the original purchase of the system and it only makes sense to maximize the life of the components. Because you have a leak or your helm is "clicking" or you are getting boat wander does not mean that you have to buy a new helm or cylinder, now. I can rebuild your system for far less than the price of replacement, and you get a one year no-hassle warranty to back it up. An external leak is due to an underlying problem that causes the seal to leak 99% of the time. It is usually from water and/or contamination in the system that has pre-maturely worn out a seal. By putting in a new seal, you are putting a "band-aid" on another problem that will expose itself again shortly down the road and you will have wasted the money and energy to have installed the previous seals. Do it right the first time and forget it. I will be adding sponsor advertising to the site as soon as I get the information back from Reel Boating. To learn more about this service, please go to for more information and contact phone number. I also buy old helms and cylinders that have been removed from boats. I try to keep popular models rebuilt and on the shelf for quick exchange. I receive work from all over the U.S. and am located in San Antonio, Texas suburbs. "SAFE BOATING IS NO ACCIDENT"