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  1. RB Surpasses 10,000 Members

    Wow 10K thats nice. Honestly I'm getting to the point were I can't stand THT all they are is negitave to everyone. If you have a question they slam you. So it's nice to see a forum growing with people who are actually there to help out other boaters.
  2. Anyone catch the episode the other day on ShipShape TV. They introduced a product "SuperFlush" it was a back flushing system. Looks pretty interesting they put one on a Glasstream 360 SCX. I believe it was the same boat that was at the Miami Boat Show. Awesome looking boat. John Greviskis was raving about the boat & the Super Flush system. Just wanted to see if anyone saw it or if anyone has used that product. I asked this question on "TheHullTruth" and I'll I got was hate mail.
  3. Buying a new boat

    When I was first getting into boating I bought a 17ft Glasstream. It was a nice ride and it didn't cost me an arm to buy. I know at the miami show they showed off an 18CC as well as a 221. good luck on the buy. TheMadHook Glasstream 273SCX
  4. Nice! You'll have to post some pictures when you get it. I've got a Glasstream 273SCX. My family & I love it. This is my second Glasstream about 4 years ago I had a 17ft but once I got a bigger family thought it was time to move up.
  5. Glasstream Boats

    I've got a Glasstream 273SCX and I love my boat. It's large enough so my family can enjoy it and is pretty fast. If you looking for something nice and affordable check them out. I really haven't had that many problems out of mine. goodluck,
  6. Miami Boat Show Party?

    I pretty sure my son and myself are going. I know he's super excited about it he's been talking about it non stop for the last week. I know it starts on Thursday but I think we'll be down Friday sometime. We own a Glasstream and he wants to see all their new boats I think their booth is 3551. Theres a few other companies I'd like to check out as well. Honestly theirs a few smaller non boat companies that do fishing supplies that I want to see while I'm down there. Maybe we should try and have a get together. TheMadHook Glasstream 273SCX
  7. Would You Shoot A Bigfoot

    Hah! Honestly I think I wouldn't and I'm an avid hunter. But my reasoning is this one I have no clue of it's anatomy thus my kill shot would be null. Sure a head shot might take it down but I've always stayed away from those shots center mass has always been the place to shoot. Also it's a human looking being and I've never shot a person before so I would be pretty intimidated in that. Lastly, what if I missed and it charges me to begins to rip my arms off and beat me with them, that wouldn't be good at all. Plus I always liked chewbacca so I think I'd leave it alone. thanks, TheMadHook Glasstream 273SCX
  8. cleaning electronics

    I got a bottle of that Wave Away from my brother inlaw a while back and it works really well. I'd go with it. Thanks, TheMadHook Glasstream 273SCX
  9. Miami Boat Show Party?

    I'm taking my oldest son to the boat show this coming year. We own a Glasstream and I can't wait to see what they have. My wife and I went 2 years ago and had a blast. It's a great event. Themadhook Glasstream 273SCX