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  1. Has anyone priced a new Prius lately?

    I guess times are harder than I thought.
  2. Has anyone priced a new Prius lately?

    I would buy a Volt, you know, buy American and help our union workers....
  3. Hello?

    Yep, boat salesmen telling folks "Gelcoat cracks are normal".
  4. Advice on a Paint Sprayer

    Thanks for the replies, I ended up sanding to bare wood and having painters spray.
  5. Hello?

    Welcome, "Stringle"
  6. Super Bowl Predictions!

    Those Mods are the first to know everything !
  7. http://radio.foxnews.com/toddstarnes/top-stories/students-told-to-remove-patriotic-bandanas.html
  8. Rescue tactics?

    No rebuttal ASW? Trashing the U.S. Navy and name calling is your answer? I think he's trashing you, jojo
  9. Rescue tactics?

    I can't believe what assaultweapon called lil' feller......from Aussieville. BAWH AHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAA
  10. Check out her rack, Popeye
  11. Heck of a deal, if is as described. Wish you had posted up last December.
  12. I don't defend the management, by "them", I assume that's who/what you mean. I defend the product and the people who built them... The management? They can all kiss my ass. That would be refreshing... Oh PBR, BTW, any boat company that vacates a plant? Trust me bud, it's not going to be sold soon. EPA soil samples will ensure that...] I've never worked for Scout... Oh shit, MBR=FishFactory... Sup, Doug? So why isn't MBR contributing to the boating forum? I am curious... So why isn't MBR contributing to the boating forum? I am curious... Maybe MBR doesn't have yer ability to add so much value to boating threads?
  13. Francesco Obama or Barack Schettino

    Dis thread's celebrating its' 2 month anniversary. Yer been drunk dat long or just now come up wid dat witty reply ?
  14. "FCB", Formally Challenged Boater.... yer take de first letter from each word and yer get FCB. Been around fer years.