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  1. Proline Boats files bankruptcy

    Well...this was for some interesting reading....LOL....Companies come and go...its all about the almighty $$$$$$. They do whats best for THEM ( Owners/Partners, etc )..... Got a few people worked up though.
  2. WetSounds speakers anyone know about them?

    I prefer to JL's over them...sorry
  3. cleaning electronics

    Looks like good stuff Z22. I might actually try this one
  4. cleaning electronics

    I wash and soak my microfiber towel in fabric softner.....air dry it and then use plain water and soft towell...has worked well for years and my screens all look new still....like everyone else says...NO windex..NO chemical cleaners unless it is specifically designed NOT to remove the protective coating...I just trust plain water and its always available...never have to worry about being out...LOL
  5. boat enclosure

    Good info....bet it is a nice set up. I have canvas enclosure but this would be pretty sweet
  6. GPS Tracking

    This is what I use>> http://finditnowusa.com/ I looked in to several but this one is reasonably priced and has worked great for me. It has a bunch of features and they are good people to deal with. I don't think anything is 100% but this makes me sleep better knowing its on my boat. I think the best thing about it is it lets you know quickly...not only can you track it but it sends you text and emails letting YOU know there is unauthorized movement going on, etc...lets you know in seconds most of the time
  7. Contender Boats

    Damn nice boats..and yea...with 3 350's......thirsty...thirsty......I have 2 250's and thats plenty of $$$$ every time I go out....couple hundred dollars every time you go out.....those yamahas are sweat and very quiet
  8. Boat Detailing Tips

    Nice website....I didn't look around too much but how long have you been at this Boat Kings ?
  9. I would use a camera that stores video to a hard drive ....and this is what I have...it is for theft & monitoring. Has both a motion sensor and also lets you set a boundary around the boat in case it is moved.It works great >>http://finditnowusa.com/features2.asp Multiple layers of security is the way to go...