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  1. Blizzard

    Good luck on the move Wiley. Eastern Long Island got pounded - 2 feet plus - hope it goes smoothly for you and the Missus!
  2. Anyone here from New York

    Where are you typically based out of? I always presumed Florida. I've got a 29 Evergaldes Pilot if you are out there this summer. You're always welcome to join my buddy's on me on our quest for fluke, stripers, sea bass, etc. My boat is just east of Southold (2 or 3 miles).
  3. Anyone here from New York

    I actually live in Queens Wiley but have a weekend summer home out in Eastern LI. If you ever look at a pic of LI, the very eastern end has two forks (North and South Forks). Hampton Bays is right at the start of the South Fork. I'm on the north side unfortunately and know nothing about Hampton Bays outside of driving through it occasionally. Sorry I couldn't help. By the way, some buddies and I are chartering the PrimeTime out of Orient on December 7....if anyone is interested in some late season blackfishing, shoot me a PM. John
  4. Anyone here from New York

    Mills Canvas in Greenport. They did side curtains on my boat - reasonable and top quality work. Been around 100 years and they do all the work for Boston Whaler: http://www.millscanvas.com/
  5. Anyone here from New York

    Add another one to the North Fork list. Weekend/summer home in Mattituck; my boat (a hard to miss yellow Everglades 290 Pilot named "Mello Yello") is in Greenport; and I fish the Peconics, Gut, Race, Gardiners and a Montauk trip here and there. To me there's nothing better than a long, slow drift for fluke in Peconic Bay by Greenport/Southold area....
  6. Using the ReelBoating forum

    First post here.....not sure I can completely ween myself off the "other" site, but it's a disgrace what they did to Jim and Brian....