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  1. VW TDI or Prius?

    The VW is a sweet car. I don't know what's going on with diesel prices. Here in Sofl regular is 3.29, diesel 3.89. I did a little math comparing what I'm driving vs the TDI for 50K miles. 50,000/ 33=1515X3.29=4984 50,000/43=1162X3.89=4523 Rough estimate, you,ll need to get somewhere around 330,000 trouble free miles out to the TDI to break even on the cost of the diesel.
  2. $10 in free gas from Publix...

    It's on again. Won't need food for awhile after I'm done. Our local store lets us get 4 cards for a $100.00 purchase each visit.
  3. VW TDI or Prius?

    You may want to take a look at the new Passat TDI. Same fuel mileage as the Jetta but so much more comfortable.
  4. VW TDI or Prius?

    Best of luck with your new purchase. If you go with the TDI with an automatic, you're looking at a 600.00 transmission service every 40K miles. Not to mention very expensive oil changes after you get past the 36 month/36,000 mile freebies. VW's are great driving cars, as all German cars are. You will pay for it.
  5. VW TDI or Prius?

    Nope, it was a Beetle. Bought new by my stepdaughter, then driven by my wife, I had it for the last year. Great car up to 50K miles then the nightmare started. Power windows went, check engine light came on every three thousand miles, etc.etc.. Long story short, I put 4000.00 into repairs in one year. Never again. Everyone I know who has owned a VW has had a similar experience. I hear ya on the 12-15 mpg more, but I came in at 5200.00 less than the VW and 6700.00 less than the Prius. That buys a lot of gas. Not to mention my 6'1" 190 lbs fits a whole lot better in the Accord. I did my homework on this choice, and the two vehicles on your short list were on mine also. I don't regret my decision one bit.
  6. VW TDI or Prius?

    Just faced a similar decision a few weeks ago, brought on because my 2005 VW was killing me on repairs.My daily commute is 94 miles round trip. Here in Fl., the best I could do on a TDI was 25,900 out the door. Prius was 27,400 out the door. So, I looked a little further out of the fuel mileage box and wound up with a brand new 2011 Honda Accord 4 door LX for 20,700 out the door. Roomier than the Prius or Jetta, and over the first 2000 miles of ownership I'm averaging 34 MPG on 95% highway/ 5% city driving I also took into consideration the 10% premium diesel commands over gas and the fact the batteries in hybrids eventually need replacement. I'm still not convinced diesels or hybrids make good economic sense.