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  1. Origins

  2. one of the most stupidest post i ever seen
  3. Origins

    where are all of you from? I know some of you, Wiley, dont ever ban me again. Shit like that aint funny.
  4. this place is really differant.
  5. The Admiral's New Ride

    Why wasent I warned?
  6. The Admiral's New Ride

    who in the ... are you?
  7. HA HA, this is fucking funny. Ya'll get banned from THT and run here.
  8. Health Problem

    I would suggest you lay of the booze while you post stupid .. like you do. Oh, BTW, your sense of humor ... sucks.
  9. who the fuck are you people?
  10. Luckiest People on Earth

    I like to see carnage. post some more!
  11. Forum History?

    whats it like to have a lucrative transaction with no drama?
  12. Hypothetical Question

    If you had a choice, would you rather die from a beheading or Ebola?
  13. Forum History?

    I heard you put up a fight though.
  14. I was installing a boat lift up on top of a mountain reservoir in N.C. when I saw my first 26 Chris. way cool boats.