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  1. Jup31 added a post in a topic GPS Tracking   

    Look into the SPOT HUG. I installed it and have been pleased so far. It tells me where my boat is everyday!
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  2. Jup31 added a topic in Boating and Fishing Discussion   

    SPOT Hug
    After reading about SPOT Connect in PMY last month I was poking around the website and found the Hug. I have bben thinking about a tracking device and this one has a price point I can live with. Anyone using it?
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  3. Jup31 added a post in a topic Jupiter Boats   

    It is a 26' with the 150's. http://www.jupitermarine.com/jup26page.aspx
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  4. Jup31 added a post in a topic Jupiter Boats   

    The cuddy in Miami was a 38'. I understand it is now offered in the 34' also. They are not on the website yet so if you want more info, contact Jupiter directly.
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  5. Jup31 added a post in a topic Trucks   

    What is the name of the truck conversion company?
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  6. Jup31 added a post in a topic Abaco Beach Resort at Boat Harbour Information   

    Hey Island Girl - Any Reel Boating members specials at ABR in November? I'm thinking the weekend before Thanksgiving for my wife's birthday.
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  7. Jup31 added a post in a topic Boating Pet Peeves?   

    Ken - Sounds like those beers you bring should sell for about 5 bucks a piece After that I bet they will remember to bring their own!
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  8. Jup31 added a post in a topic Key Largo Fishing Help   

    Thanks Cracker!
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  9. Jup31 added a post in a topic Key Largo Fishing Help   

    Hey Cracker - any size to those dolphin? I know they usually start running smaller as the summer goes on.
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  10. Jup31 added a post in a topic Key Largo Fishing Help   

    I don't know Key Largo very well but, Get the "Top Spot" Chart for the upper keys, it will give you a great start on where to head plus lots of other useful information. You should be able to find at west marine or most any tackle shop.

    Always fish with a bag of chum in the water. Take several as you want to start the next bag before the bag in the water is completely. That will usually bring a a variety of fun stuff to catch whether you are on the reef or the flats.

    Adam's cut takes you from the Atlantic Side to the Gulf side, the current in there can be wicked.

    You may find this link useful - http://forums.floridasportsman.com/node/113932

    Have a great time, we're heading to Marathon next week!
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  11. Jup31 added a post in a topic Contender 39' Triple F300 Yamaha   

    Seems under powered
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  12. Jup31 added a topic in Boating and Fishing Discussion   

    4th of July weekend scalloping!
    It the weather will clear up a little, the plan is to leave Johns Pass Saturday morning in the boat and head up to Hernando Beach to to meet up with some friends & family for a couple of days of scalloping! We'll spend a couple of nights in HB and head back Monday morning. We'll look for scallops anywhere from Bayport to Homosassa.

    Anybody else heading up?
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  13. Jup31 added a post in a topic Stolen trip engine Jupiter, Key Largo   

    Do you know if the YCOP is available for older Yamaha engines?
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  14. Jup31 added a post in a topic Rafting Etiquette   

    Try to get at least one of your other boats to arrive with you and leave enough space in between to accomodate all the others.
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  15. Jup31 added a topic in Boating and Fishing Discussion   

    Thanks to the kind people of the Exumas!
    This is a true story that happened last week in the Exumas, however I have removed the names for privacy reasons. The injured is a 5-6 year old shepard mix. From one of the owners:

    For those of you involved and aware of the situation, thank you once again for your help and concern. The "Dog" is doing well; she is still on antibiotics and pain medication, stitches to come out this Friday.

    For those of you not yet aware, "Dog" was involved in a life-threatening incident on Wednesday, April 21 while in the Exumas, Bahamas on vacation with us.

    While exploring the creek at Compass Cay the "Dog" went after a Stingray that was on the bottom in about 4 inches of water. The Stingray thrust its barb into her throat slicing it severely and puncturing her juggler vein and causing severe pain. By the amount of blood spurting from her neck we were afraid it was an artery, thank God it was not. In route to Staniel Cay for medical aid she experienced additional blood loss, extremely high heart rate, and shivering. Partially due to blood loss and partially due to the venom.

    Due to the combined efforts of those coming to her aid plus a stroke of logistical luck we were able to have her in an airplane within 20 minutes of arrival at Staniel Cay, about 45 minutes after the incident. We were able to take her directly into surgery in Nassau upon arrival at the animal hospital about an hour later, although during the plane trip we questioned whether she would make it as her heart beat went from very rapid to very slow during the trip.

    We would like to send our heartfelt thanks once again to the following individuals, who without their help "Dog" most likely would not be with us today:

    Friends Names Removed

    Nurse Name removed on Staniel Cay

    Names removed of Staniel Cay

    Names removed of Staniel Cay – Name removed aborted his commencing flight from Staniel Cay to Great Guana Cay to fly us to Nassau!

    Name removed of Nassau

    Dr. Removed of Animal Hospital in Nassau

    Pilot Name removed of Nassau

    God Bless all of you.

    After sending the owner a message, he replied with:
    Yes, she has already been called Lucky "Dog". Not so lucky for her though, no more Bahamas trips, can't take the chance.

    We did not know any of those people, nor did they know us. They helped out of the goodness of their hearts.
    One caveat to that, later when we ran into the pilots wife she told me when she heard it was "Dog" she did everything she could. Guess "Dog" is more well known than we realized.

    I found this to be a very heart warming story! I too would like to say thanks to all involved, the owners' and "Dog" are very dear to me and my family.
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