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  1. Ballyhood ‘topgun’ Lures 2261 s. Ritchey st. Santa Ana , ca. 92705 Ph 714 545 0196 fax 714 545 0197 e mail sales@ballyhood.com www.ballyhood.com BIGGER WAHOO ! Here are some trolling tips on catching wahoo—you will catch MORE wahoo at 7-10 knot boat speed –but at 14-25 knots they will almost always be BIGGER !! that’s why the tournament guys are trolling faster and faster— They are only looking for that one BIG FISH -! Depending on the ocean conditions and the boat speed you want WAHOO LURES to run as straight as possible ! ‘’ less bounce ‘’ the better --so drop them back back back until they settle in Ballyhood lure/speed options = --wahoo express 0-14 knots --- 32 oz. ‘’ Banchee’’ ‘cowbell’’ lure - -- it will go up to 20 knots --Banchee Supreme- to 25 knots ! so drop em in the water the ‘’’ minute ‘’’you leave the dock -- troll out to the fishing area --troll it while you are there and troll it all the way back !! Always some thing in the water ! You can’t out run any thing --if they want it they’ll come and get it -- not only wahoo but tuna -- dolphin/dorado—marlin - !! NO TROLLING WEIGHT REQUIRED !! The Payback’’ monster jet lure is a very action oriented 0-8 knots –dives down 4-6 ft squirrels around back to the surface with a monster bubble trail - 12 tournament wins --including the mid atlantic tuna tournament -it comes rigged wahoo style -stainless cable w/ mylar skirts or’’ tuna style ‘’ with 200 lb momoi leader and dbl vinyl skirts Ballyhood Lures have won 39 - tournaments --- replacement skirt kits are available --- Keep in mind you can troll anything 7-10 knots on 30-50 class out fits - high speed will require 80-10o lb class outfits -- mainly because you will need more drag on the reels at hi speed http://www.ballyhood.com/html/wahoo_lures.html www.ballyhood.com Darrell Primrose 714 545 0196 sales@ballyhood.com
  2. manuel barrocal - trolling a Ballyhood dolphin ''snagger'' lure ya got to see a 72 pounder to believe it
  3. What constitutes "offshore"?