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    I suppose if you wanted to remove the anti glare proprieties on the screen you could. Not only does the coating reduce glare on the screen it also protects from UV rays from penetrating through the glass. Uv rays shorten the life of these screens. You probably thought you had spots but in reality it was probably scratched from improper cleaning in the first place.

    Distilled water and a drop of dish soap.You do not want to remove the anti glare coating. Only use micro Fiber cloth.
  3. Hey Wily so who won the Woody Wax Kit?????
  4. Responsibility?

    Cant say without being there,looks snotty but I think the video is deceiving too .I would not run in snotty seas at high speeds on auto pilot.Anything can happen out there even when at the wheel but I want the advantage of at least having some control (if say) I need to avoid a submerged object . No way in hell would I trust a stinking auto pilot with my life or others on my boat. 'Wont pass judgement on these guys. I wasn't there and who am I to pass judgement anyway.
  5. So many fish, so little time...