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  1. A non-event

    great pics !
  2. wiley you need to hire them as reporters for the forum
  3. offer him 750 and take a tech along with you
  4. Repower or rebuild

    the e-tec is usually cheaper than the Yamaha and not sure on the the Honda .
  5. Repower or rebuild

    hey guys one option on your repowers is to look at the small block Evinrude e-tec 200's.They are much lighter,very fuel efficient,oil efficient and just great engines. i have the heavier 200HO engines on my 2596 Hydra Sport and have over 2500 hrs on the engines.
  6. W A N T E D A L I V E!

    good job and great pics again !
  7. Current events

    great Pics !
  8. Hello?

    That and the Dealers/salesmen/manufactors reps that are always involved in threads that they constantly bash others products. Getting tired of over there! wish this place could get up and running
  9. Moon is bright

    great pics

    now that is funny !
  11. Wonder what the ships Captain would do if you keyed his ship !
  12. Hello?

    maybe we could start our own e-tec thread and see who shows . i offered to start a bayliner thread earlier but know one took me up on it
  13. You know you want one...

    wiley i thought you were talking about owning an e-tec !!!