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  1. I have a 1992 Boston Whaler walk around. When starting out from a stop water is being drawn into them ending up in the bilge. It is a large volume of water which in turn dies not allow the boat to get up on plane. Does anyone have any ideas on how to fix this ?
  2. This is the last month I will keep the boat listed. I am dropping the price to $20,000.00. Before I launched I had any small dings and chips in the glass repaired. If it doesn't sell by the end of the month I am going to put on new Honda 150HP 4 strokes and keep it.
  3. Repower or rebuild

    I am not too familiar with the e-tec. I had a friend that had them for one season after which he sold the boat. He seemed to like them. How are they in terms of cost in comparison with Yamaha and Honda ?
  4. Repower or rebuild

    I couldn't believe the retail on new 4 strokes. I looked at getting a used set of HPDI's too. Here where I live our boating season runs five months give or take. I usually launch in April and haul in November. Last year we had a potential hurricane hit so I hauled in early October. Given the nature of my work I only get to put about fifty to seventy hours on my boat. If I lived where you are I am sure I would be using the boat a lot more. I had a Honda 200 on my last boat and the yearly upkeep was very expensive. My wife and I have tossed around the idea of selling and getting something newer rather than throwing another thirty thousand into our current boat. I love my Whaler,but just can't justify the money for new motors.
  5. I own a 1992 Boston Whaler 23 walkaround with twin 200 Yamaha 2 strokes. The engines are original with the boat. My mechanic thinks I have reached the point where I have to consider my options. He does not believe the engines are worth rebuilding and that I should consider 4 strokes,most likely in the 150 HP range. I have thought about rebuilding,buying a used set , or new,again trying to decide whether or not to go with 2 strokes or 4 strokes. My engines are mounted on the Whaler Drive bracket and I am not sure it would hold the 4 strokes. I have never run the boat hard and cruise 26 knots at 3500 RPM. My current fuel burn is 14-15 gallons an hour. My mechanic is a Honda and Yamaha dealer. I almost fell over when I looked at the prices for 4 strokes. Does anyone have any suggestions out there ? Thanks.
  6. The boat is located in MA on Cape Cod. It is stored at the Boat Guy Inc. in North Falmouth and when in the water in Woods Hole.
  7. Located on Cape Cod.
  8. Price reduction to $22000.00.
  9. Here is a side view of the boat.
  10. I am looking for a set of used four strokes, 150's preferably and counter rotating. If no four strokes then two strokes at 200 horsepower. Yamaha's. Thanks.
  11. I am selling my Whaler. It is 27'4" with the Whalerdrive. Powered by twin 1992 Yamaha 200HP engines. The engines are counter rotating. The boat has a full transom with a live well and pressure sink. Moving forward there is. Hardtop with full enclosure. There is also a cockpit mooring cover. The boat has original electronics ,radar,fish finder,chart plotter,and autopilot. In the cabin there is another sink ,full berth with filler,table,and porta potti under the starboard bunk. A 2005 trailer is included. Trailer has only been used to launch and retrieve the boat in the spring and fall. The engines hours are unknown as the previous owner wasn't sure. I have averaged less than fifty hours per season since buying the boat five years ago. My mechanic has kept the engines in fine running form,but has told me I will either need a rebuild or new engines in a couple of years. I will put up pictures when I can figure out how to do it. A google search of 1992 Whaler brings up the pics of this boat on he other boat site. I am asking $24,000 firm.
  12. Rebuild or buy new 4strokes

    Will do. I will see if we can shoot some video of the work.
  13. Rebuild or buy new 4strokes

    Thanks everyone. After posting my question and thinking on it I am probably going with the complete rebuild. I have had good luck with these engines and minimal problems.
  14. Hi, I own a 1992 Boston Whaler walk around with twin 1992 Yamaha 200HP 2strokes. These engines have reached the point where I either need to have them rebuilt,buy a used set ,or bite the bullet and get 4strokes. These engines have been pretty good overall. I burn about 14 gallons an hour at a 26 knot cruise running around 3500RPM. I don't know what it will cost to rebuild these engines. I know a new set of 4strokes will set me back about twenty five thousand or so. That is a lot of fuel. Anyone out there have an idea what it costs to rebuild ? Thanks.
  15. Black Watch 26

    Does anyone out there have opinions or experience with these boat powered by outboards ? I have looked at several but am not sure of there good and bad qualities. I know they were cored so that may be an issue. They have a deep transom cut which might be an issue in a following sea or in the rips. I was thinking of moving up to one of them from my current boat. I own a 1992 Boston Whaler 23 walkaround with twin 200 Yamahas on the Whaler drive. I like the Whaler a lot, but was looking for something with more cabin and beam. Thanks.