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  1. THTime machine

    Wait until the 'mine' reopens, I'll deal with you there. You are an obvious retread who hides behind a new screen name because more than likely you are ashamed of the pummeling you received under your old one. So now Mean Machine is my new designated stalker.
  2. THTime machine

    What's with the deluge of new 'members'? Cyrillic script, links to sex partners, penis enlargement, violin lessons etc. WTF??? Anyone check the profile on this 'guy' LurMip? What's with December 14 2014 at least a dozen new 'members' and counting that day. Is anyone 'watching the store here'? The DramaMine is relatively benign when compared to this forum.
  3. The Admiral's New Ride

    So what was your screen name over on THT?
  4. Health Problem

    Could have been worse, you could have been in an elevator.
  5. dinner is served

    He can't help himself.
  6. dinner is served

    They have been known to do that. A similar incident took place in the Keys about 10 years ago. A 'cuda jumped in to the boat and nailed the guy's wife in the femoral artery.
  7. This is hysterical!

    One of the funniest I have ever seen.
  8. This is a lie and there is proof to substantiate that fact. They don't believe in moderating here so you can pretty much post anything you like. I'll not clog up this forum bantering with the above hatemonger. The proof that this poster's statement is a lie is in the DramaMine.
  9. Superbowl at Nippers

    How about I call there and ask for you @ halftime?
  10. VW TDI or Prius?

    This thread is 2 1/2 years old.
  11. Sunday Funday!

    I'm sooo happy for you.
  12. Tampa Boat Show

    I plan on attending.
  13. Has anyone priced a new Prius lately?

    VW Jetta TDI 50+mpg highway 40 mpg city. Proven dependable technology unlike the hybrids.
  14. Offshore it should be standard equipment.