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  1. Friends of mine at both Bohemia Bay Yacht Club and Georgetown Yacht Basin sent me these slideshows of the recent snow related shed collapses in NE Maryland. It is amazing to see how much damage has been done, hope none of you were affected. Here are the links - hope they work: http://s47.photobucket.com/albums/f171/froggy3k/?albumview=slideshow http://s885.photobucket.com/home/michaelvogdes/recentuploads?view=slideshow
  2. Who makes this express?

    looks like a Garlington 44, found a link w/ photo on Tournament YS website...
  3. P-H-I-L-L-I-E-S!

    I am a little sleep deprived but wow, what a post season from top to bottom!
  4. RIP Beachnut

    Wiley, Sorry for your loss. Been through that not too long ago but always remember him for what he was, a best friend. RIP Beachnut
  5. 09-09-09

    remember when everyone thought the world was going to come to a halt on 01-01-2001?
  6. Johnson 150 Ocean Pro

    NW, I have year 200O Johnson 150's standard and counter, no problems. I have had my motors serviced and gone over by the folks at Barnacle Bills down near Cape May NJ. Look him up, he is an incredible wealth of information on these motors. Good luck!
  7. Ocean Waves Sunglasses

    Another vote for Ocean Waves, have two pair and can't find another brand that I like. Customer service is top notch, they know me well.
  8. Kick-off

    I am currently in Rock Hall for the rest of the summer, last 2 years we were in the Bohemia. Already been to Kent Narrows and St Michaels, loving the mid-bay. Now I just have to figure out the fishing...
  9. The Big Rock Blue Marlin Tournament

    Do you know if Jeff James on the Reel Deal boated a blue? Site isnt cooperating today...
  10. Caption This

    Japan's newest 30" shaft...
  11. After Dinner Drink

    tonight its one bourbon, one scotch and one beer...
  12. Lake Erie Walleye pictures

    David, Thanks for the info. I wont be back up that way for another month or so, but now I think I will definitely have to check it out. I got your PM and will let you know when I'll be up that way. Bryan
  13. Lake Erie Walleye pictures

    David, Not asking for any secrets or anything, but was is a typical day of walleye fishing like? You mentioned trolling cranks, is that crank baits? What does a walleye strike/fight like? They are relatively big fish in comparison to some of the striped bass we see, and I know what they are like. Just curious. My parents have a place approx 1.5 hours from Erie in NW PA and never thought of dragging my boat up there. Just might have to think about it! Bryan
  14. First Fishing Pole

    Don't laugh too hard, but I bought my then 4 year old daughter a rocket rod (she begged after seeing it on TV) and she still uses it. We have caught small stripers (3-4lbs), perch, smallmouth and a few small catfish on the upper chesapeake. I have 8lb mono on it and have to admit, it is fun to play around with - but best of all not having to teach a 4 year old know it all (like her dad) how to cast with others on the boat.
  15. Its offical!

    Congrats Chris, Don't worry time flies with kids, my youngest is now 7 and loves the boat more than my wife or other daughter. Enjoy every moment of this...