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  1. I guess since we are "from" Miami; we can go to all the shows
  2. Where are we meeting and when?

    We will be closing on the 18th and the boat show the rest of the time. Here is our new view. You should start a new inlet cam in Miami.
  4. All set for Miami; just made the reservations.
  5. LOL Here are some from years past.
  6. Will airfare and hoterl be covered...I will come and do it. You know I was the original boat show photog
  7. BEP clusters

    Any word on the parts that were being sent. I do not really need them now but mabe the $$
  8. Hey Jim, Here is my newest addition..65 mph.
  9. Some will say that this is not top tier, but it looks damn good. Baltimore Boating Center delivered this trailer in 3 days, from order to delivery. Bill did a fantastic job, and it was worth the 80 mile drive to pick it up. I called 7 places including Holley Acres; knowone would call me back. This was a cash sale; I suppose knowone else needed the money. BBC has a customer for life.
  10. Fort lauderdale

    We had a glitch and had to bug out early. Sorry I was not able to see you.