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  1. reeleasy28 added a post in a topic Mate Series rod/cup holders....   

    Thanks for the info. Sounds like my Cristmas wish list has just been started!
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  2. reeleasy28 added a post in a topic Removal of transducer / fairing blocks from bottom   

    Great news. There is now a remover made for 5200 or any polyurethane based sealants that will break the bond. It's called debond and can be purchased at You spray it on the outside edge and let it work for 15 to 20 minutes and get a putty knife under it. It will take a few applications to get the part all the way off but I know of people who have used this to remove outboard motor brackets from there transom with no damage. Give it a try it really works.
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  3. reeleasy28 added a post in a topic Inox Lubricants   

    Inox has some great products. The battery additive doubled the life of a charge on my golf cart. I added it to the batteries on my boat and can definately tell it has more kick when starting the motors. I got mine online at I highly recommend this product.
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  4. reeleasy28 added a post in a topic PALM BEACH BOAT SHOW DETAILS (Vendors, contact me!)   

    Addicted to fish,
    Make sure you take a look at the new Bahama 37 at the Palm Beach Show. It's put togeather really well also. The Palm Beach show does not provide test rides from the show but any of those builders would schedule a private test ride at your convienience. Your on the right track on your choices for great quality boats.
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  5. reeleasy28 added a post in a topic West Palm Beach Boat Parade   

    I help run the parade. We had 41 boats this year down from 50 last year. They compete for over $8000 in prizes. We pick up for Toys for Tots from the spectator boats during the parade. Last year we collected 19,000 toys by boat and this year we know it is more but do not have the final count yet! If anyone would like to make any suggestions how we can get more entries in the parade I am open to comments. If you want to have a great night on the water in your boat join us next year and see over 100,000 spectators that come out to see us.
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  6. reeleasy28 added a post in a topic Hi to All.   

    Welcome. I will be coming to Queensland to fish on the charter boat Tradition in November. I am looking forward to my first visit to your country.
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  7. reeleasy28 added a post in a topic North Palm Beach FL, new No-Wake zone   

    Just so everyone knows this zone had areas of idle speed, slow speed, and 25mph to 30 mph depending on the time of the year. "manatee Season" It is now slow speed for the entire streach which slows speed in some areas and increases speed in others. Marine Industries Association of Palm Beach County negotiatied this with FMC who origionally requested this entire area be changed to idle speed! Test runs at old posted speeds and at the new posted speeds show that the commute will take almost the exact same time after the change. Please be aware that you are responsible for your wake at all times and idle speed could still be necessary at boat ramps, marinas, and private docks when boating activity is present in this area.
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  8. reeleasy28 added a post in a topic Bikini Patrol?   

    Perry out of Riviera Beach often tests unmanned drones that only have exhaust and air pickups above the water.I was fishing off Palm Beach one morning and saw this bearing down on me at 15 to 20 knots.It was a bit intimidating as it passed within 500 feet of me. It is usually accompanied by a larger support vessel offsohre and Sea Tow boats closer to the actual device. If what you saw completely submerged it was not the same thing.
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  9. reeleasy28 added a post in a topic Music when your off fishing?   

    "You can feel them circling" always an instant hit!
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  10. reeleasy28 added a topic in Boating and Fishing Discussion   

    Palm Beach Boat Show
    The Palm Beach Boat Show ended yesterday and I was wondering how many people attended and how did you like it. I can say that the newly renovated downtown show site is awsome and the boats and people watching "you know what I mean guys"were quite a site also. Lets hear everyones feedback.
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  11. reeleasy28 added a post in a topic what cleaner / wax do you use   

    For a cleaner wax meguires 50 is easy to use and works well. Make sure to follow with a good wax as all cleaner waxes are not intended for long term protection.
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  12. reeleasy28 added a post in a topic How do I remove a transducer thats in with 5200?   

    The old saying that 5200 is forever is no longer true! Debond at will remove all polyurethane sealants. Hope I made your project easier for you
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  13. reeleasy28 added a post in a topic 2010 Palm Beach Boat Show   

    Wiley thanks for the info. This is my favorite South Florida boat show of all of them. Great site,parking,Clematis Street and City Place in walking distance! See you there.
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  14. reeleasy28 added a post in a topic mold spots   

    X14. Spray it on and leave it then do it again if neccessary. You don't really need to brush it just give it some time to work. It is a bleach so do not get it on anything you don't want bleach on.
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  15. reeleasy28 added a post in a topic ReelBoating Super Bowl Contest   

    I'm In!
    Saints 24
    Colts 31
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