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  1. Take a look at the Bluewater 2550.
  2. Armstrong Brackets

    My boat was designed to have a bracket and is 21 1/2 feet. This is the first bracket boat I have owned or operated and I don't think I could ever go back to a euro-transom boat again.
  3. How are Evinrudes these days?

    I have a 2011 200HO and absolutely love it. After owning one of the newer 4 strokes, I was ready to go back to two-strokes. Just my personal prefference. I would buy whatever is in the best shape. I wouldn't run just because it is white.
  4. Rear Seat

    The seat is made by Birdsall and varies in price by size and what you choose for covers. The backrest is sold sepperately.
  5. Rear Seat

    Thanks! We had some friends go with us this past weekend and it was great having the extra seating.
  6. Rear Seat

    I have been wanting more seating on the boat when we take friends out with us. The Bean Bags are great and will still be used but we needed to get something else. We finally were able to get the Birdsall rear seat installed today. Thanks Paul and Karen at Bluewater!
  7. I would take a look at the Bluewater 355 also. An awesome riding and well layed out boat in the size your looking at. I'd be willing to bet at a better price too.
  8. Bluewater Boats

    I hoped you liked it. I am biased but in my opinion Bluewater has by far the best 21 foot boat on the market. They borrowed mine because they had 3 couples from around the state wanting to see the 2150. The boat builders are starting to show up with smaller boats. I think they are finally realizing that most families aren't in the market for 100K plus boats with the present economy.
  9. Bluewater Boats

    Hey that's not fair. How come my little 2150 didn't get any exposure?
  10. Bluewater at Miami

    No, just the Miami show. I saw the video you did with Paul on the 355. Great video. Mine is the smallest model they build.
  11. Bluewater at Miami

    Mine is the one next to the on with the grey and white interior. It appears to have two people looking at it in that pic.
  12. My 2150 was used at the Bluewater display and I was wondering if anyone happened to get a pic? I was running late and forgot to bring my camera. Thanks, Ken
  13. Very nice! I have allways stayed at the Convention Center and never made it to the in-water display.
  14. Looking forward to seeing pics. My boat was in the show with Bluewater and I fogot to bring the camera to get a pic of it.