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  1.   Got to warn you !! Don't buy the new Evirude G-2 out board motor Even if it has a 10 year warranty Your wife will take off with the boat and you wont see them any time soon! That's why i buy my PU trucks with a stick shift and no power steering.¬if_t=feedback_reaction_generic¬if_id=1480943953703016 Read more:
  2. best salmon fishign in the world

    Ever heard of a 10 year warranty on a outboard motor ? Got truck load of new Hewes craft boats on its way from the west coast now  one of these boats 190 sea runner hard top will be set up with a pair of new Evinrude motors   FOR YOUR DEMO EXPERIENCE  (with appointment ) best of the best worlds the boat  motors and rigging after all its not Hewes craft or Evinrude its a Calumet marine rigged boat come out and experience the difference FAQ:     Yes we are still selling Honda motors as well i am sure Honda will eventually come up with new products and offering to maintain their position in the marine market place we are the #1 volume Honda marine dealer in the Chicago and northwest Indiana market we pride ourselves in providing after sale service second to none !     Reply Quick Reply Read more:    
  3. tested -- tested again and tested some more on the water then delivered !
  4. all we need now is lake michigan ice to go away Elvis has left the building ! we pulled her out all thats left to go is put the stuff on the roof ( radar mount pole holders sea trial and final detail /clean up tie up wiring any one that want to come back and see the finished product has got about 1 week left 3-14-2015
  5. Craigslist vs. Boat Trader

    dont forget about facebook put boat for sale in the title line iboats iis also a good one if you want to pay cheaper than boat trader
  6. best salmon fishign in the world

    may be not this march wow weather here has been tought this year
  7. best salmon fishign in the world

    wont be long now be back in water mid march
  8. best salmon fishign in the world

    towing boat to the inside storage today wow winter sucks!!
  9. was my dream boat that I love being out on when I can forget about the poor quality control and the mostly cosmetic problems that came with the boat I had hoped to avoid by buying new
  10. best salmon fishign in the world

    wow lot more members since last visited whiley is there a way to send us a email after a post gets a response ? I lost my old computer and lost this web site info great to rediscover I love Chicago boating and fishing the great lakes would be the best place to live on earth if we could do some thing about the traffic and winter
  11. IF YOU CAN ONLY GO TO ONE SHOW A YEAR THIS IS IT Fresh off the press the new stuff from the Miami florida south beach convention center and Marinas around town This is the biggest boat show in the world all the manufacturers try to bring out their new stuff at this one Now most every one thats still in the business is in the starvation mode still but there was some incredible new stuff just not as much as in the past but still this is the ultimate boat show !!!!! like this 557HP out board made right here in milwaukee wisconsin and the all new 250Hp honda to hit the showroom floors later this year now not every thing is extravagant WORLD CAT parent co of livingston and carolina cat has introduced some new and exciting catamaran hulls for single eng. this greatly reduces the cost of a cat now its not going to ride like a big one but its a ride that you cant get out of a V hull 20% larger and we are talking about a 19' center console boat motor and trailer with honda power brand new for starting at less than 20K my favorite boat from the show was the new world cat 29' dc wow!! lots of room for the family and fishing now if i could only come up with the 225k GREAT STUFF!!
  12. CHiccaaaqgo if you say it with a east coast accent has some of the best salmon fishing in the world among other things where else can every man on board run 3 poles and each guy take home 5 fish AHHHH Sumer in chicago best place in the world to have a boat! check out the vidoe
  13. Welcome to the ReelBoating Forum HONDA CAT :)