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  1. Heard any good jokes lately ?

  2. Heard any good jokes lately ?

  3. Heard any good jokes lately ?

    I have a 'random' thread on a couple forums where we just post, well - random shit the main on if you want to get caught up (have to be a member if not just have fun here) you get the idea.
  4. East Cape - Hoo's to say

    nice fish
  5. What was your first boat?

    the upgraded paddles will seal the deal for you.
  6. What did you get yourself?

    got me a new boat.
  7. Mod 9 around here?

    Is a yeat similar to a teat?
  8. THTime machine

    yeah wiley's taking care of it.
  9. I see you are over by Ontario - we used to have a call center there. Been there a couple times. Won't miss it
  10. Health Problem