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  1. Navionics HotMaps Premium West CF/PREM-W2 This is for Lakes, not salt water... $50 plus shipping... Currently selling on line new for ~ $100. I used this Compact Flash in my C-70 RayMarine one time to try it out. We flipped our boat in a highway traffic accident and never got to try it out on a lake. I was cleaning up my office and found this HotMaps CF. It is still in the original packaging. Front displays: HotMaps Premium West CF/PREM-W-2 Jan 2006 256MB. Our newer boat does not use CF so I can not use it. This works in RayMarine and Northstar chartplotters. Northstar: 6000i, 61000i Raymarine: A65, A60, C70, C80, C120, E80, E120, RC435, RC400 HotMaps Premium Premium Lake Maps for Serious Fishing THE BEST DETAIL # Including exclusive High-Definition surveys, bottom contours, structure, reefs, drop-offs, vegetation, boat ramps, marinas, and more. THE EASIEST TO USE # Plug-and-play cartridge is ready to use, no CDs, downloads or unlock codes required THE FINEST PLOTTERS # Leading manufacturer's choose genuine Navionics cartography Plotter Compatibility: plotters compatibility
  2. Iphone Apps

    Navionics Marine: British Columbia vice US West Coast. BC version has everything you want. I have both and don't use the West Coast version at all... TideApp Where Yelp Urbanspoon Dragon Dictionary Fandango Movie Bing Snaptell (photo any book cover & gives best internet and local price)... Shazam (place IPhone near speaker and it tells you the name of the album, when made, etc) Pandora Radio (free radio set to your preferences...IE want just Beattles, it will locate them only). Iheart Radio (internet radio stations... thousands and thousands of them) ScoreMobile (sports scores etc pick your favorites, goes inning by inning too) Facebook Epicurious recipes Ebay Mobile Units iHandy Level WootWatch 1,001 Ringtones... just added: Boat Ramps (needs some work but does well) Boating Suite: Boating suite Just launched and being updated in 8 days.
  3. ReelBoating Super Bowl Contest

    Saints by 5 Saints 32 Colts 27
  4. Killer deals at Defender.com on all Helly Hansen PFD products. I bought two deluxe autoinflate PFD's normally $210 for $59 each!!! Helly hansen deals Forgot to add, these can use the Mustang and other PFD maker recharge kits!!!
  5. custom coolers

    Did you check YouTube? They have a lot of good info on glassing...
  6. Boat Conundrum

    If it floats, buy it. If you are happy, buy it. If your admiral is happy, you better keep her happy... Branding is not a biggie unless you are into bashing yourself... All the best!
  7. Which electronics do you prefer?

    I liked RayMarine radar but since I have seen the newer HD Garmin radar and the lower price, I now would prefer Garmin for HD. I dislike having to buy an entire new system to upgrade my radar display as I would with RayMarine. RM has not kept up with technology and now are looking at folding/selling off their Raymarine corporation... too bad... Limiting choices seems to increase prices... If these companies would allow upgrades without having to buy into whole systems, they'd fair better... JMO...
  8. love getting ideas from others... nice job...
  9. Electric Boat Winch Power

    Many times I launch and recover by myself and find it harder to drive onto the trailer, climb under the bow rail and onto the trailer tongue. I can clip the hook on the bow eye from the dock and let her drift or push her to the opening of the trailer and hit the remote... cranks right up... then I can safety chain it before going up the ramp... The first time I used the hand winch to crank up the boat I broke the winch. I bought the PowerWinch that afternoon. never looked back. As I stated, nice to see the boat behind me and if it loosens up, hit the remote and snug it up while running the highway...
  10. Lets Rehab A Boat

    More power to you... I'll stick to restoring cars.. I think I'd have better luck getting my money out of that then a restored sunken boat... But then again.. a lot of times, its not about the money... its the challenge... Overall its awesome...
  11. Parrott's Project

    Very nice workmanship so far... hard part is just beginning? I feel like I'm watching NCIS for real... or is it for Reel? Anyway, looking forward to following this project. How long before they will be in water?
  12. Seattle Boat Show

    Anyone here going to the Seattle Boat Show? I know of several boaters from another boating forum going on 30 Jan and will meet up for dinner at 4PM at the BluWater Bistro next to the in water show on Lake Union. We expect about 15 fellow boaters... If you are interested, let me know so I can add you to the reservations...
  13. Electric Boat Winch Power

    I hear that... I'm going to switch out the cable with a strap this spring. Too many burrs on the cable after use since 1996...
  14. Did you see the "Blue" moon tonight?

    We headed out from home after dewinterizing the boat and got into Bell harbor marina for new years eve through Jan 2nd. Spent New years eve out on Elliott Bay watching the Space Needle with friends as I maneuvered around the tourist boats. Very cool perspective and will do it again next year! Unfortunately we could not see the new moon due to the clouds (Seattle)...
  15. Down riggers?

    I too have owned Penn's, Scotty's and currently Canon Mag 10's... I liked the plugs of the Scotty's and switched out the canon plugs to the Marinco style last winter. The Scottys and Canon electrics have a habit of getting kicked out at the wrong time.. when fish on... Very happy with the new plugs. Even though the Canon put a charge in the water (.5v I think), I still run a Protroll Black box to regulate the charge in the water and specifically target certain salmon species... Both Scotty and Canon do the job. Because Scotty is made in the local area, we have them all over the place and they are the downrigger of choice. Life time warranty is nice too. I would go with an ebay search for a good set of used electric downriggers... No need to buy new...