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  1. Opinions on new boat

    26 foot regulator
  2. Where to buy Starboard?

    This morning I saw someone over on the other site selling 4x8 sheets in the fishing/mis section.
  3. Distress Flares

    You are 100% correct, but don't forget to place a x-pired mark on the expired flares with a permanent marker. The expired flares must be marked so they a readily identified by anyone on board.
  4. Good hint I know what it is. Good luck Gus you deserve a break.
  5. New Jersey Members

    Forked River. I use Barnegat Inlet to anywhere the fish are biting.
  6. Man I 'm pissed off

    I don't mean to laugh, but the broom stick is very funny (now).
  7. Car Slams into building

    Wow they were very lucky.
  8. Anybody Using "Windows 7" ?

    Wow 7 G Ram can I borrow that machine for a few hours to play Call of Duty?
  9. Yamaha Service NJ

    South Harbor Marine Waretown NJ (609) 693-3658. I have used his mechanics a few times with very good results.
  10. Gus good luck this time around.
  11. Pirate Game

    first try 220
  12. Sold The Mary Alice V

    I only shoot twice a year to qualify. You are welcome to come up to the farm and shoot just let me know.
  13. Sold The Mary Alice V

    Sal glad you finally sold. Have you been shooting at all?
  14. Safety Supplies List

    Every item above is right on. I also need to bring a pair of reading glasses or I wont be able to read the numbers on the VHF or GPS.