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  1. Pull Start Problems

    No offence but it takes a MAN to pull start a 40HP motor, I don't want to try it. I have a Generator and a log splitter that both have 10HP motors and they can be a hand full.
  2. Tell me why?

    Awesome pictures and some nice captures.
  3. YO

    Work same same every day , just got back from LeeVille La. and pretty much blown off the water again but we atleast got on the water and ANY day on the water is better than work, 10-4.
  4. YO

    T, where you been?
  5. It's all about opportunity

    WOW, nice shots, keep it up.
  6. It's Aluminum sheet metal , AKA , tinny.
  7. Don't even have anything that can make music on the boat.
  8. Engine size question

    Is there not a tag on the boat that states the MAX size/weight , you may have to call the Manufacture.
  9. Why do people always say ...."Honda 4-Stroke" ALL HONDAS ARE FOUR STROKES.... They don't make 2 stroke outboards.
  10. Also, make sure your coax is cut to the proper wave length and DON'T coil the coaz up and tie, it makes a capacitor and can screw up Tx & Rx.
  11. TimW Texas

    You got it David, I will see Babette in a few weeks on my to La. It was a sad day indeed to learn the news.
  12. When MAYDAY MAYDAY MAYDAY is your last resort!

    The only thing I do different is leave my radio on SCAN , 16 is a priority channle when in scan mode for me. Thanks for posting, darn good info, over.
  13. Is there another island close by to Party on ?