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  1. nice boat ride

    What kind of boat was that?
  2. Whats the top end on this boat?
  3. NYC Boat Show

    Yea yellowfin is coming to the show this year for the first time and i cant wait to see them up close in person. Im just wondering what boats they are bringing.
  4. NYC Boat Show

    Does anyone know what yellowfins are gunna be at the show? I heard a trip yammie 36
  5. NYC Boat Show

    Im going on friday. Cant wait to see the yellowfins at the show
  6. test

  7. Single or Twins

    You should be alright with single and seatow but personally i like the idea of a second engine god forbid something happened to the other one.
  8. Wow! man u guys have some nice fishing done there looks like tons of fun.
  9. I agree not sporting at all. at least throw a rod in the water and attempt to catch it instead of just gaffing it.
  10. Oasis of the Seas

    Wow thats a lot of money for a week long cruise
  11. I think thats a great idea you should deffinatly try it
  12. Tred Barta

    Went to one of his seminars and he is a very kind and knowledgeable ma. He is a great fisherman and hunter and I hope he gets better soon.
  13. Welcome to the ReelBoating Forum ReelTuna17