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  1. Help Identify this Boat

    Ditto last....Whirlwind?? (although Whirlwind was made in Cockeysville MD, not Miami)
  2. Does anyone here have any RECENT experience with the Northeast Cape Fear River between Wilmington and Castle Hayne? I'm thinking about launching at Castle Hayne (leaving the truck and trailer at the ramp there Fri-Sun - safe??) and traveling the 22 miles down to Wilmington. Are there any known navigational hazards in that area? There appear to be some 30'-ish boats up that way, but my luck is that if there's a hazard, I'll find it, usually with a propeller. Would appreciate any and all feedback - THANKS.
  3. The Boat I Chose

  4. The Boat I Chose

    Looks like you're doing it right, Spot. Only thing I might have done differently would have been a Morad HD156 instead of the Digital 529, but they're both great antennas (I seem to have better luck with stainless antennas over fiberglass). That CS will be the perfect rig for Bogue.
  5. Meet Josephine

    Nice ride, Spot.
  6. Show me your...

    That's right, the original "Bubba Bimini" is Semi's design Off-topic but BTW Glen, with the addition of additional grommets and two tent stakes and ropes, the BB works very nicely on the beach attached to either the Excursion or the Grand Cherokee, and takes less time to set up than the expensive so-called "self erecting" tents....
  7. Ocracoke, 4th of July weekend

    How was the trip back across on Sunday? Looked pretty flat from the ferry.............
  8. I was about 250 yards away from where it occurred and saw it. The first explosion sounded like a cannon going off, followed by several seconds of rapid, massive explosions. To picture the scene, imagine the entire 30 minute fireworks show in five seconds and occurring entirely at ground level. Thoughts and prayers to the family of the individual who died, and to the pyro workers and firefighters who were injured. Update at midnight: Two other members of the pyro crew did not survive (3 fatalities total). Thoughts and prayers to their families as well. Definitely a somber mood on Ocracoke today/tonight.
  9. Ocracoke, 4th of July weekend

    We are here right now (#18) ....I assume that's your boat out at the end of the HS pier..... (we did not bring O2 this time)
  10. Capsized boat Beaufort Inlet 6/13

    Yikes! What were the conditions out there?
  11. Proud Papa

    Way to go, Ralph!
  12. On my last two coast trips (Beaufort and Bald Head) I have noticed several of the big sportys and yachts with BLUE LED accent lighting on deck, on the bridge, and on the tower (if equipped). Is this a new fashion trend, or has there been some recent discovery about blue lighting and night vision ? I gotta admit, it looks nice....
  13. What was your first boat?

    My first boat was a 1969 "Sportyak II" , LOA 7'0", with a 1.5 Hp Evinrude outboard. I received the boat not long after my EIGHTH birthday. Boat #2: 8' fiberglass dinghy (unknown make), 2HP Johnson outboard. Boat #3: 12' Sears Gamefisher (made by MFG, green, not cored) with a 9.8HP Mercury. Bit of trivia for the poster who had a foam-cored "Super Gamefisher": they were made by Seacrest Marine in Washington, NC. Boat #4: 15' Duo Rounder trihull, 55 Evinrude pushbutton shift Boat #5 (owned concurrently with #4 and #6): 11' Sea Snark sailboat, acquired for $40 and used on the lake at the apartment complex at which I lived back then. Boat #6: 18' Dixie 186 bowrider, 115 Merc Boat #7: 21' Dixie 821 walkaround cuddy, 165 Mercruiser Boat #8: see signature
  14. Ethanol Scam Finally Exposed

    Just did the email letter noted in stevek185's post above. ALL RBC MEMBERS SHOULD DO LIKEWISE
  15. Cape Lookout 5-16

    Glad to hear that Greg is off of the injured list!