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  1. Reseat the cut-off lanyard?
  2. She's a lot prettier in the after pictures. Hope you get many more years out of her.
  3. You go bare foot if you like but I want some sandles or something on my feet when I go near a urinal.
  4. Evinrude question

    A lot of the Evinrudes used the same powerhead for years so that wouldn't be surprising. 140psi is about what you would expect. What you don't want is a cylinder with more than 10-15% deviation, ie five cylinders read 140 and one reads 110.
  5. No music on my boat. I'm OK with music on the beach of almost any type except rap as long as its at a reasonable volume.
  6. No Power to Start the motor

    Sounds like the key switch is bad.
  7. What got you started into Boating?

    When I was a kid we lived about 1300 miles from where my granddad lived and every summer we would load up the station wagon and head home for a couple of weeks around the forth. My granddad had a cabin on a lake about 10 miles out of town and had and old wooden boat that he'd let us paddle around the lake. Fond memories, but what got me started with boating was the fact that the fish and the beach were over there and I was over here. A boat could get me from over here to over there.
  8. GPS question,,,,

    I've bought several things from Usually the lowest online price and never had any hassles.
  9. Pretty cool video. The first thing I noticed on the bow-less ride beside the fact that there didn't seem to be a need to trim the motors was these guys didn't even put any life vest on!
  10. No Respect, No Respect At All..........

    I get no respect, I started tellin my kids about the birds and the bees. They started tellin me about my wife and the postman..... Kids, no respect. I told them one day you'll have kids of your own. They said, ya one day you will too....
  11. Tired of the chupacabra anyways.
  12. Axe head

    You can usually drill around the wedge then punch it clean from the top.
  13. You can make a pretty effective battery powered alarm system by just using a plunger switch in series with a siren wired to your battery. You might get more false positives from birds and other critters that could climb in but a motion sensor kicking on flood lights and a siren would probably be more effective.
  14. It makes you wonder what their motives are. No controversy = no public meeting = no money.
  15. Nice video. Looks like you put em' on the big boys. I bet they had a blast.