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  1. Has anyone ever modified the console on a Vector 2796 to fit electronics? If so what did you do? Photo's would be great
  2. Thank you for suggestion West Marine did not stock it. Got the part from Land n' Sea thanks to Mike of Mikes Marine in Fort Myers. If you ever need a mechanic in this area check out Put the part on took a few minutes and off fishing we went. Loaded up on Spanish Mackerel and we just had a great dinner for 6. . thanks again.
  3. The tie bar broke need to get teleflex part HP 6003 its a ball joint end. We are in Sanibel just got here yesterday for vacation. Would like to find one we can pick up tomorrow. Any ideas,
  4. I am looking for the measurements to set up a trailer for a 2796 hydrasports cc can anyone help?
  5. I will admit yours was the most encouraging
  6. Sorry mate but got lots of advice before this over on THT
  7. Do you have the motors trimmed all the way down?
  8. We put F250 on. Thanks for that sounds just like my problem. Just had wedges fitted not had chance to try the boat since.
  9. To any owners of Hydra-Sports 2796 owners who have repowered from evinrudes to yamaha f250. Did you experience any problems with the ride because of extra weight? If so how did you fix it? Did you use wedges? Did you use 4 blade prop? If so which one. Which hole are the motors set in. Did you add weight ton the bow? Any help will be appreciated.
  10. Repair or repower

    Advice I'm getting is to get new power head. My mechanic is offering good deal on etecs but my boat partners hates evinrude. He says it is only worth what it will cost to repair.
  11. Just blew cylinder on 2003 evinrude 250. 4 grand to repair, 30 grand to repower what would you do? Boat is a hydrasports 2796 and I am happy with it.
  12. I am hoping to go from Port St Lucie to Fort Myers. Has anyone done this trip? What advice would you have? Thanks
  13. Welcome to the ReelBoating Forum moses0