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  1. Water In Fuel Sensor

    Wiley - Please move this post to "The Boat Forum".
  2. I am not affiliated with this company. I saw the advertisement in a Motor Boating email. But this is something that could help alleviate fuel/water problems in today's outboards. http://www.tidewatersensors.com/whoweare.php Check out the YouTube Video at the bottom of the page.
  3. Zuki or E-tec

    Exhaust is exhaust, and all gas or diesel burners have it. It is not advisable to breath it. The newer cleaner engines have less, but they still have it. I was in an idle zone not to long ago behind one of the top of the line four strokes. It still has exhaust. It stinks. I had to move over a bit to get out of his exhaust trail. It is true that four stroke has less exhaust than the older two strokes, but the E-Tec is a clean engine. Just don't breath any exhaust if you can help it, it is not good for you.
  4. Do not use 5200. You will not be able to remove the engine without damaging the boat. Use another marine sealant made for submersion. Even the 4200 will be tough and I don't think it is recommended.