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  1. At it again

    I forgot this is my sixth boat to restore. The last few were 62ft 42ft 37ft 30ft 28ft So this is not new to me.
  2. At it again

    No schooling, I learned the hard way. Just get in there and do it. Everything I have done over the years has been my schooling like my wood working I learned from the European cabinetry has been a big help, years of all types of welding, pluming, to me electric is like coloring by numbers. I am just one of those guys that figure things out as I go. There is almost nothing I can't do, but many things I don't like to do. Like Heat & air and Engine work. I still have to do them most of the time.
  3. At it again

    Well I am into Summer and the Lost Pearl seems to be the yacht to be on around Nashville. All has been going well and the parties just keep getting better each week. No matter how big you build your galley they will fill it up. Once I counted 22 people in the galley. Having the bands is a great asset to the boating, I don't pay them they just love to hand and party with us, or at least with the girls. I kinda have no end of bands that want to come now. (Nashville Music City) I have some parties that have so many people that I have to stay at the dock.
  4. At it again

    In Nashville for now
  5. At it again

    How big of boat do you want to get
  6. At it again

    Hard work pays off
  7. At it again

    News Years Eve downtown Nashville TN,
  8. At it again

    Love the video. I don't think I could work on the same boat with any use for 20+ years. Thanks for the kind words, Deb and I are so happy with the way she is coming together. I will be building my hard top next good days, on rainy days I work inside.
  9. At it again

    Yesterday I finish all the cabinet doors for the upper cabinets and most of the doors for the lower ones. My girlfriend came by today and ask why are you working on the master stateroom and not finishing the lower cabinets in the galley, I told her it was the cold coming and I wanted to seal some things in the bedroom and she tried to tell me it was my OCD. I said they both have to be done does it really matter that I make it all come together at the same time. At least Tim and Bill were working on the outside.
  10. At it again

    I got my granite in, now I can put the stainless on my 48" sub zero and finish my cabinets. I like to cook there first and see what works best. I rebuilt it in place from an old thomasville sofa that I bought in 1999 was not easy to retie all the springs but I got it done Now things are moving fast and seeing things come together.
  11. At it again

    oops that would bee 584--8680
  12. At it again

    I have two generators a 30kw Norpro and a 7.6 Westerbeke Just give me a call @ 586--8480
  13. At it again

    I got my new/old refrigerator installed and hooked up. I have a two year old Bosh 36" refrigerator with three more years on the warranty still on it, I decided I wanted a new 48" sub zero but I don't have 9,500 to put into a refrigerator. I got on craigslist and found a 21 year old 48" that looks like new inside and works in Memphis TN, Yep last Saturday Bill and I drove to Memphis to a habitat for humanity Restore 220 miles and picked up a 532 sub zero for $500. It looked like hell in the store all apart with no front panels. That is why it was still there. I walked right by it twice looking for it. But I bet not many people in there Restore are looking for a $500 48" refrigerator. You had to know what it would look like when it was all back together. I got it home and and installed it this week. I love it. Deb didn't understand or say anything but I could read her and she knows to trust me but now that it is in she understands and loves it to. I think I like the older one better then the new ones, the older ones have two sets of drawers and more shelves for more beer. or a extra shelf for making big dinners. Now I would trade for a new one but not for 9k. The frig part is 10.75" bigger then the bosh and the frezz is 4" bigger then bosh Now on the older ones there not much to go wrong and simple to fix all you have is two compressors and two thermostats. New refrigerators have to much auto stuff and don't do well with changing from generator to shore so much. I also got a Manitowoc QM 30 Ice Machine for $500 off craigslist. they sell for about $1700 but I found one for $500. I need this so I can get the beer out of the frig and in coolers. I hate buying so much ice for party's and we will have a lot of them. If you are having a party then fill your coolers in the week and you will be ready for the weekend. I did this on my 42' Trojan boat.
  14. At it again

    I got my floors done in the galley.(redoak floors) I even put a walnut maple trim around the base of the island.
  15. At it again

    Keeping up to date. This week update, weather was great so I spent most of my time outside. I did do a bit in my galley. I wired the island with five double plugs on four different circuits. Maybe a bit over kill but I feel I could need it. I have keep in mind dishwasher, microwave, and a garbage disposal in the island I put in a hidden box that will be under the counter. This is for my macbook pro and my iphone I already had these two router tables, I did get my bar copper sink mounted today. I got another one off craigslist this weekend, tried to get it inside and we had to take it all the way apart and put back together inside kinda kicked our butt. It will take me some time to make this many cabinets/doors so I need them there for a while.