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  1. Might be changing gears again to a bigger express. If anyone is interested, 2001 3400 Pursuit Express, twin 370 Volvos, full tower, new enclosure last year. stbd undergoing a complete rebuild, port is in the middle of a 1000 hr PM and is in great condition, under 1400 hrs. Stbd engine appears to have blown a turbo and ingested a couple valves, so rebuild (out of vessel) underway. New Raymarine C120 wide and C90 wide last year with new custom dash, Icom 540. Auto pilot, Fusion stereo with remote, etc, etc, etc. New helm ice maker, new fridge, many upgrades. If interested, shoot me a message. This is preliminary, but want to gauge interest…CMP
  2. Some spamming idiot posted in. Will delete that one... CMP
  3. I have a bunch of f-glass tape, all 1708 biaxial and around 9 gallons of Raka epoxy resin with non-blush hardener. Shoot me a pm if yer interested, Deeply discounted... CMP
  4. Started the project and have no time/motivation to finish. Hull complete, faired and ready for paint. Deck is laminated and ready for glass and attachment. Bob's jack plate (not installed yet), many hatches, hatch gutters, etc. No time, will post pics shortly, but since I'm cooling my heels in the Cleveland airport, I figured I'd post to gauge interest. Over $8k invested, will take a reasonable offer as I need the space. Boat is in Southern NH… CMP
  5. Morning all. My annual Pan Mass Challenge Ride to support research and treatments for cancer through the Dana Farber Cancer Institute is upcoming in 2 1/2 weeks, so here's my shameless request for support! Unlike most charities, 100% of every dollar raised by riders is passed through to the Dana Farber, one of the world's leading research and treatment facilities, raising over #38 million in last year's 2-day, 192 mile ride from Sturbridge to Provincetown. As much as I enjoy most aspects of the Pan Mass Challenge, the fundraising part is annoying as hell, but kinda the whole point, so below is a link to my ride in 2014. Many of you donated last year and I appreciate that very much. I know that you all get donations requests from all corners, Lord knows I do, so if yer "charitied out", I get it and no worries. If however, you are so disposed, any and all donations are happily accepted and for that, I thanks you. Tight lines... CMP
  6. Hey George, you might want to re-think putting your personal info out there. Some real degenerates on this site, as on others... CMP
  7. One on each boat... CMP
  8. 2 days and a wake-up until I abuse myself in order to raise money to fight cancer! Reaching my goal before the ride would be great and a nice pile o' cash for the Dana Farber! A BIG thank you to all who have donated and another (there will be many) request that my FB friends and family to dig deep and help me raise money for the critical research and treatment options provided by the Dana Farber Cancer Institute via the Pan Mass Challenge. We've all been touched by it, some more than others. I decided during an 85 mile ride on Saturday that I'll be riding in honor of a friend who recently lost her courageous battle with breast cancer, Cindy Williams Vega. She'll be in my mind, filling me with the strength she showed. Please hit the website and donate whatever you can. Your generous donations will be put to great use! Thank you so much!!! CMP
  9. Our friend Tim W Texas

    I've known Tim for the better part of 5 years and the physical issues he was having gave me no indication that heart problems were in play. I have to believe that the injuries from which he was suffering were part of this. What a terrible, terrible loss for his family, both real and virtual. Godspeed Friend... CMP
  10. You ppl are taking this discussion from the absurd to the sublime. Nobody ever said bilgeliners would sink on the hook, I merely said they are a low-end product, not built well, but serve a specific market in the industry. History is on my side and I stand by that. Seems to me that there are 2 "koolaid" drinkers here-have at it... CMP
  11. Erie, you're right in one respect in that I have not been in a bilgeliner factory in some years, 2002, in fact and then, they were still chopper gun boats with the exception of the first and last layers. They were poorly-built, poorly-equipped, low-end production boats and, given their low price point even today, are no more than introduction boats at best. You ASSume that I think that's a bad thing, but I do not. If you understand what you are buying, great, go for it. The OP is talking about a 2005 boat. IMO, he'd merely be inheriting someone else's end-of-life boat problems. They were and still are a low-end product. If that bothers you, well, that's life... CMP
  12. I'd look into something else. They are chopper gun boats, easy entry price but not well built, well laid out, well appointed. Keep looking... CMP