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  1. $1995.00 25 Hp Mariners, stainless prop. Great Trailer, single axle, boat guides with light up high. Winch, jack, hitch lock, spare, bearing buddy's, all in great condition. PayPal or Cash only please.
  2. You didn't say where your located.

  3. Alaska Trip 7-10

    We were up there at the same time. I was up in the interior near Kroto Creek and Moose Creek drilling a water well. We went fishing from time to time. Caught some nice Rainbow. The Creeks were loaded with Salmon. We had to stop fishing till they went by. It looked like Rush hour at the Submarine Pens. If you get this little shore video, its what the interior west of the Hiway looks like. If I know how to stitch Video together, I'd put a pretty good movie together.
  4. I need a little Hour/Minute, 12V, Red Led clock for my little row boat. I fish at night. I need it where I can just glance at it for the time. We used to make those out of kits some years ago, but have been searching for a couple days now and only find the Micro controller kits and a lot of other marvelous stuff. I just want that litle simple Red LED clock we used to make for $3 bucks or so.
  5. Fishing in Bear Territory

    Not far away. I just came back from AK. We fished Kroto Creek, and Moose Creek, near the mouth of the Deshka. All we saw of Bear was some huge Black Bear tracks. Salmon coming up stream like a Submarine Rush hour though.
  6. The ends of my fingers are still numb from holding lady fingers till they went off. But that was 60 years ago in Southern MO.
  7. old gas removal

    You don't have to do all that. I don't believe in Stabil anyway. Just add some fresh gas and go with it. I was given a 32 Plymouth that had been in a garage for almost 20 years. It had a half tank of gas sitting in it all that time. I believe the tank may have been full when parked but lot's of that Gas dissipated. I added two gallons of fresh gas, squirted a bit in the Carb, and it started right up and ran fine.
  8. Fishing in Bear Territory

  9. somebody is breaking into my boat.

    The kind of alarm you need is gonna be expensive. I think its a Phone dialer that calls your Cell phone or maybe the Cops or the alarm company. One of my customers had one that opened a Mic to the Shed. It would dial her phone and she would listen for a minute or two, to see what they were doing, and then scare the crap out of them by speaking through the Alarm unit.
  10. For my Bass boat. I bent this one, I need a replacment. about any jack for 4" to 6" square tubing and a 20" lift would work
  11. LOL, I heard that one too. The Hi pressure thing sounds reasonable. I'll have to pay more attention to the weather.
  12. That's a phrase I learned in Louisiana. Is it true? What's the theory behind it?
  13. tight outboard steering

    An Evinrude 35 got that way. Loose with no load, tight with a load. It was the Synthetic sleeve the shaft rode inside. I replaced them and it was a good young engine again.
  14. baseball "Rubbing Mud"

    The Mud is special. It comes from Jimmy Hoffa's grave!
  15. Snake skin

    Somewhere I have photos of a Big Long Black snake going right up the side of my Bass boat. he left a big long skin and some other smaller snake did too. They leave as soon as they can see though. I never found signs of Mice in that boat.