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  1. Generator Power Buy?

    3000 watt would be nice to have right now.

    I live outside of New Bern and I have been with out power since Friday night and just got my 3g signal back.
  3. Hurricane Irene

    I'm still without power. This sucks. But least my 3 g signal has returned.
  4. Starting Problem With my 115

    Starting to work Backwards now. Just the engine still runs, so every time i get a moment to go down there, I end up going fishing. Problem should be solved soon, especially with the help of The Reel Boating Crew.
  5. Starting Problem With my 115

    I was running a 2 battery system, Something must have not been right, Just using a single battery now and no Problems. Thanks For All the help so far.
  6. Need Some Help From The Florida Folks

    You should fit in at the Southern end Of Duval Street. I'm sure they'd love a Papa Smurf. The doubletree in key west did have a promotional rate a few weeks back
  7. Starting Problem With my 115

    Battery was replaced this year. Connection were changed when they Changed the starter. Might need to check them to make sure they aren't loose.
  8. I'm having Starting issues With my 115 Yamaha Four stroke. You turn the key it clicks a couple times then nothing. Try It again, Same. Try it again and at first nothing then It slowly start turning then on like its suposed to then Finally cranks. But then Other times It starts fine. Had to take it in recently and They replaced the starter and it ran great but now its back to the same issue. Anyone Have any Ideas or a Good Mechanic in THe Morehead City, NC area that doesn't have a month wait just to look at it.
  9. Yet another Cooler thread

    I have 2- 120qt, 3-72qt, 2,32qt Igloo, 1 shimano bag cooler(holds a full case of beer + ice and can transform into a bait well), 2 generic cooler bags, 4 5inch walled Medically approved styrofoam coolers ( great for transporting fish and such long distances), And I still Look at the Yeti's and Great whites Every time i see them. As soon as I find a good use for them I'll probably pick one up. If my power goes out I'm prepared with plenty of coolers. Wish i could Fill Just one with fish on of these days.
  10. florida keys

    There were some good deals on VBRO,Home away, and cyber rentals on Duck key a month or so back.
  11. On The Way to Ft. Myers, FL

    Thanks for all the advice, Sorry about not checking in but had some technical issues with my smart phone, so decided to truly relax and not even check my email or voice mail till I got back. ended up takin Crackers way on the way down using 301 to ocala. Speed limit changes Alot on that road but not a bad drive. We Took I-10 Back wich also wasn't bad, but a little more traffic and wouldn't want to hit it at the wrong time. We ended up hooking 2 tarpon near Boca Gran but lost them both. I should have brought bigger tackle. Also hooked what I think most likely was a rather large shark but I'll never know as we never got a look at it. There were several grouper in the pass that we got on spro-jigs and gulp curly tails. We only spent half-days on the water to keep the ladies happy. The one full day we had, the trolling motor knocks out on us. We where able to get right many trout though, out of the pot-holes before it quit. Cabage Key was great for lunch, we dropped the girls off at caya casta went fishing for a little while, then pick them up for lunch. Had A great time vistiting Family in Lehigh Acres and Punta Gorda and The Fishing Was relaxing. We Got ALOT of rain while we were down there big change from up here in NC as we hadn't hardly seen any, that is until our drive back to New Bern. I Still haven't caught my tarpon or big snook but may be on my next trip
  12. On The Way to Ft. Myers, FL

    We will be fishing a 184 Ghost, But If weather and Wallet allow i may be interested in an offshore charter if anyong has any recommendations.
  13. On The Way to Ft. Myers, FL

    Appreciate the reply Wiley. I would have loved to visit the Square Grouper again but had to limit my spending this time around. Troll'nheel and I spent way too much money in the Keys in Feb.