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  1. RMM added a topic in Boats, Fishing and Marine Items For Sale   

    1986 Stingray SVC 195 CC

    1986 Stingray SVC 195 cuddy cabin for sale, good running condition, Load Rite single axle roller trailer, located near Annapolis, MD, $3,000 OBO

    email luredaway@comcast.net
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  2. RMM added a post in a topic Cant Get On A Plane   

    Did you check to see if the hub is spun on the prop?
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  3. RMM added a topic in Boating and Fishing Discussion   

    How do I remove a transducer thats in with 5200?
    Need to pull the a thrull hull transducer than I believe was installed with 5200. It is a crappy Airmar B45 and after 2 years the temp sensor has gone. It is installed in a high speed fairing block (the blue one) and trying to figure if way to remove it without damaging the fairing block or the fiberglass.

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  4. RMM added a topic in Boating and Fishing Discussion   

    Rental boat in Abaco - Paramount 26' or Albury 23'?
    Renting a boat in Abaco and wondering which of these is the better option? Which will ride better if is rough? Hear the Sea can kick up if windy. Hear the Albury is great for that water but typically a larger boat will ride better and be more comfortable. The Paramount also has a T-top and leaning post vs the Albury with a bimini and bench. The Albury has a 150 which sounds underpowered and the Paramount a 250. Leaning toward the Paramount...thoughts?

    Anyone familiar with these boats or been there and done that?

    Also anyone have any suggestions for fishing in the Sea of Abaco?

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  5. RMM added a post in a topic Radar/GPS Opinions?   

    did you ever decide on a sytem? If not redid my helm on 88' 31 and can help you out

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