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  1. Are there to many forums out there?

    I rarely visit RB anymore because there's never anything new. I don't contribute much because I don't have anything interesting to say.
  2. SPAM

    Some do, some don't. I'm reluctant to use any unsubscribe link, since all that tells them is they have a good address they can later sell.
  3. Not even close, but I am a big fan of the Bill of Rights.
  4. SPAM

    Over the last three weeks or so, I've been getting spammed by several sportfishing sites; several times a day, every day. The thing is, I don't fish. Never have. I've never registered at any of these sites, nor I have I visited them. I live in Minnesota, so Florida sportfishing isn't of much interest to me. Yet, all the spam I'm receiving is directed towards florida fishing. I participate in two boating-related sites: reelboating and continuouswave. How do you suppose my email address found it's way to these warm-water sportfishing sites?
  5. Autotether Wireless Lanyard

    I have some other questions about the Autotether. I'm trying to talk a friend into buying one for himself. We boat together quite often. How would my receiver know his fob(s) from mine? If I want to purchase another fob for my wife, does the new fob work right out of the box?
  6. Did you even read the link?
  7. Yeah, he's a real peach. And that was four months ago; it has gotten better (or worse, depending on your pov), since then. I'm going with fascist thug who belongs in one of the jails he now runs.
  8. Boston Whaler Outrage

    Sorry about that. Is this a no-no?
  9. DSC Numbers

    Auguste, since you are outside the U.S. From the boatus website: What is the difference between obtaining an MMSI from the FCC and obtaining a number from BoatUS? "BoatUS MMSI numbers are coded for recreational vessels cruising in U.S. waters only not otherwise required to be licensed; the registrations are downloaded into the U.S. Coast Guard Search & Rescue Database (MISLE) only. FCC-assigned MMSI numbers are coded for International Waters and go into the International Search & Rescue Database (ITU). In order to be accepted into the ITU database, any FCC assigned MMSI must end in zero. This is why the BoatUS MMSI number cannot be re-used when later applying for an FCC License for international cruising." Source: http://www.boatus.com/mmsi/MM1.htm#q14 I don't know where you boat, but since you are in Canada you might want to look into this.
  10. Wasp Spray

    I don't know if the actual story is true, but I do know of personal defense instructors that mention Wasp Spray as an alternative to OC/CS, particularly where one or the other is illegal (like Wisconsin). Especially when someone is about to attack you; 'cause we all know they'll stand around for you to strike a match... Please.
  11. did i do damage

    Did the water pump ingest any sand?
  12. New customer

    If you wanted to, you could have a lot of fun with this...
  13. Autotether Wireless Lanyard

    Okay, I've got it now. I would like to see a ring (or hole for one) molded into the fob on the opposite end from the power button.

    D'ya think?
  15. Autotether Wireless Lanyard

    I just received my Autotether Solo today and I have a tech-support question. My host does not indicate a fob is registered, but if I turn off the fob the lanyard fires. I turn on a fob and see the steady green light. I turn on the host and the power, reset and #1 fob lights blink for a while, then just the power light. This is on my desk at home, not on the boat. Shouldn't I see one green fob signal light? ETA: After reading the manual a bit more, it appears this is normal behaviour, am I right? It seems to me the fob signal indicator should stay on; that's what I'd expect it to do anyway. Also, I'm extremely impressed at the construction quality of the host and fob. Very nice. The fob needs a ring on it somewhere other than just the slots for a strap.