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  1. Should I log in to THT?

    Yep, this place sold out a long time ago.   All that's left are bottomfeeders.
  2. Should I log in to THT?

    There's an understatement.  The mods (at least one of them) is making up rules as he goes along, and the collective IQ of The Bilge now stands at about 69. Speaking of retreads, is PBR SquiddLobster still on here?  No offense, but this place looks kinda dead.  I don't even think the Dramamine was here last time I was online.  Maybe that's where the action is.
  3. Shipshape TV Show

    Just curious, but I looked at your thread on THT and didn't see any "hate mail". As others pointed out, ShipShape TV has become a glorified infomericial, not an unbiased DIY program. Do you really expect them to say anything negative about companies who purchase advertising on their show?
  4. Track Your Partner Using Her Phone

    Don't you just hate it when you post a joke that everybody has already heard?
  5. Titans Push Fisher Out

    Big mistake. Vince Young is a cry baby while Jeff Fisher is a hell of a coach who will surely be snapped up by another team. Saw that story when it broke and just shook my head. Look for the Titans to get their asses handed to them next season.
  6. This explains a LOT...

    Figured it was time for a sequel.
  7. This explains a LOT...

    Can't compete with the first one, but I thought I'd give this thing a try.
  8. Was it something I said?

    I dunno man, maybe you should sell this place. I happen to represent a group of investors who own a bunch of old anchors and wheels and stuff. Wanna trade? I'll owner finance the difference. Just messin' with you Wiley. Wanna buy me and endo a drink at the boat show?
  9. Never was much of a Tull fan, but who could foget Ian Anderson or "Bungle In The Jungle"?
  10. You a musician too?
  11. You liked that huh?
  12. Sometimes just listing the url enhances the anticipation and preserves the surprise.
  13. Ok Parents: What Would U Do?

    Putting them out of the car and then following them is EXACTLY what I was going to suggest she should have done. That would have made her point while protecting her daughters. Personally, there's no way in hell I'm leaving two young girls alone like that. Was it criminal? No, but it was at a minimum a very stupid thing to do. I wonder what the mother would have been charged with if some psycho had watched her put those kids out of her car followed by his raping and murdering them?
  15. Boat Name / Handle Name

    I've always been a big Skynyrd fan and named my 58 Hatt "Freebird" when I bought it about three years ago. Until that time, I had only been on the Hatteras owners forum for about a month (my first venture into boater forums) and used my first initial and real last name as my username. After being told that wasn't in my best interest, I changed my username to match that of my boat.