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  1. I have a 1999 Merc 7.4 MPI with power steering. I would like to change the fluid as it is still original - 10 yrs old. What is the recommended procedure for doing so. Thanks in advance Andy
  2. I was wondering the same thing - added a 1/2 qt of oil and all is well now? Either the level is low - much lower than 1/2 qt down but maybe adding a 1/2 qt is enough for the sensors not to sound the alarm. I would confirm that the level is at the full line when the boat is lying at rest (level). Also, as stated above - you may want to confirm that you have the correct dip stick length for your engine. To the original OP - did anyone confirm the oil level during this ordeal?
  3. Are you sure that you have the correct type of oil in the engines?
  4. Marine Electrical

    Kamper, very true in what you say except on days when it is cold and rainy! Rick, thanks for the kind words - I am also believer in the word of mouth advertising - I'm hoping that becomes one of my greatest assets! Andy
  5. Marine Electrical

    I'm an EE with an emphasis in automation and controls. I know many of the NEMA, ABYC, UL, and NEC codes and I also know how to make a proper connection without the use of wirenuts . As far as expreience I have worked on many boats over the last 20 or so years and I consider myself a guru when it comes to troubleshooting, installation, and repair. Mechdave - thanks for the kind words of wisdom! Andy
  6. Marine Electrical

    Limbofish, I realize that FL is probably a much better year round market for this but unfortunatly I am stuck in NJ. For now I am juat looking to get started and see where it leads me. I know that I am limited in what I can do without an indoor shop but if the work comes my way I can always rent out space locally to do the work. I am also thinking about doing other electrical work for the industrial controls and automation marketplace so renting out a shop may become mandatory shortly. Mechdave, Can I ask you what rated you charged to do a re-wire job? Was it by the job or was it T&E? Andy
  7. Marine Electrical

    Hey guys, thanks for the input - anyone else?
  8. you may have a loose wire somewhere. That is why you see the gauges jump while running (and hitting bumps). If it is all the gauges that do this it is most likely one of the +12vdc wires that dasiychains and feeds the dash circuit. Considering the age of the boat, there is a chance that there is some corrosion in the wiring. You will need to inspect all terminations and correct whatever is questionable.
  9. Marine Electrical

    Hey everone - 53 views and no one has any comments??
  10. Best bang for the buck?

    lineside, The open grills are for the sound to come out. The cones that the speakers are made from are some kind of material (not sure) that is waterproof and not made of a paper type material as a standard non-marine grade speaker.
  11. Best bang for the buck?

    I would also look at the Kenwood KMR-330. It is a bit cheaper but I am not sure if it will charge the ipod. Make sure that whatever you choose that is is the same size as the old one so it will fit into the same size cutout. Also, if you replace the head unit with a similar model as your original (same manufacturer) you usually end up with an easier wiring job.
  12. Hey everyone, I'm thinking about going into bus for myself and specializing in marine *electrical* only. No motors / mechanics, no fiberglass, but just electrical ranging from any and all wiring to install, repair, and troubleshoot electrical / electronic systems. At first I would just be doing the "mobile" thing and not working out of a shop / marina but eventually working towards having my own place. What's your opinion and is there a market for this? I am in southern Ocean County in NJ. Thanks in advance!
  13. Welcome to the ReelBoating Forum AndyG :)