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  1. I have a New in Box Pro Mariner 800 Watt Inverter. I bought it back in the Summer hoping it would run my Microwave on my Grady. After some research I realized I needed 1000 Watts. I bought this during the Boaters World closeout and cannot remember how much I paid for it. The lowest internet site price I have seen is $160.00. I am asking $100.00 picked up in Columbia SC or you pay shipping to your location. I also travel a good bit to Eastern NC and SC and could perhaps deliver. Below is a link to the exact unit. __________________
  2. I am heading to the Fla. Keys in a few weeks and need the marine chart for my Garmin 376 C. I was hoping to find a used one because I might be upgrading to a newer model next year. Does anyone have one laying around?
  3. XM Weather - Do you like it?

    I love mine. Goes from the truck to the boat all of the time.
  4. Nice rig. Good luck with the sale.
  5. Monday Pm Test

    :1143_neener_neener_neener: :1143_neener_neener_neener:
  6. Monday Test

    I am still having trouble. I seem to have to enter the site and log in a specific way or I get a red message telling me I do not have permission to post and I have to log in a second time. It seems to work but a lot of hassle compared to other sites. It might still be my computer but seems weird this is the only site I have a problem.
  7. Monday Test

    Did this work test?
  8. It is time for my first trip to OC this year. If anyone else plans to be there let me know, the more the merrier.
  9. Test 3

    test again
  10. Test 3

  11. Test 3

  12. Test 2

    Test 2 to stay logged in. The site kicks me out after posting one time. Wiley are you reading this. I have been trying to contact someone on the site to no avail. HELP!!
  13. Test To Stay Logged In

    Test, this site is driving me crazy.
  14. Southport - Friday/saturday

    I will be hammer down to the 100/400 or Blackjack Sat morning. Will be leaving from Shallotte Inlet.