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  1. Albury Brothers Boats

    I still don't understand. If the boat is self bailing why do you need a sump with a pump?
  2. Albury Brothers Boats

    So they are not self bailing?
  3. The F225 runs good, but it just seems anemic to me. It's got low hours, but it's 8 years old. In the shape it's in I'm hoping to get a decent trade/sale price for it. 100# may not seem like much, but I would be willing to bet sitting out on that 36" braket it will make a difference.
  4. I've got a Kencraft 215 (with amrstrong bracket) and thinking about repower. It currently has a F225 that weighs 580#. I would love to repower with a much lighter two stroke. I've been eying the 418# Etec 200 (60 degree). Is the 60 degree designed for heavy boats or would I be better off with the much heavier 90 degree 200 or 225? Gary
  5. This is basically what I said. Let us get out fiar share of oil royalties so we can combat coastal erosion, and better our public healthcare/school systems.
  6. Son of _______________ I just spent the last 30 minutes writing a response and it was lost. Well here's a recap: -Basically no fishing since late April/Early May since my area (Fourchon, LA) is closed. -I've seen some sheen -Keep drilling. We don't shut down air traffic for months after a plane crash. -I believe if we can keep most of the oil out our marshes the gulf will rebond very quickly. Gary
  7. Looking For Tires

    Just had to buy tires for my GMC 1500 Sierra. Went with the YOKOHAMA GEOLANDAR A/T-S. Got them from for $766 (20" rims). Was very happy with the service and price. They shipped them right to my local tire shop who installed them for $18 per tire. Gary
  8. My New Gauge Panel

    That came out realy nice! Good job.
  9. Schmitt Steering Wheel

    Thanks for the feed back. Does the knob spend freely? DOes it ride on bearings? My brother has the edson and I really like it, but can't see paying the price.
  10. A few golden tiles

    Good GOD! Nice catch! Gary
  11. A Message For My Friends

    Sorry to hear your bad news. I wish you the best. I don't know of anything in your area. Seems quite a few companies down here are hiring. Gary
  12. Anybody run a Schmitt wheel in there boat? Was thinking of getting this one: 710&Ne=0&Ntt=steering wheels&Ntk=Primary Search&Ntx=mode matchallpartial&Nao=0&Ns=0&keyword=steering wheels&isLTokenURL=true&storeNum=6&subdeptNum=222&classNum=223 for my boat. I'm sure it's no Edson, but I can afford this one. Never though those knobs would be usefull until I got hydraulic steering. Man you gotta crank forever to get from lock to lock!
  13. Anybody run Alpine SPR-M700's in there boat? I know everybody raves about the JL's but they are priced stupid. I've been happy with all Alpine car audio gear I've had in the past. Also any advise on a $150+/- amp to push two pairs of the Alpine would be appreciated. Gary
  14. Contender

    I will confess to have dreamed of some day owning a Contender. After reading Mr. Neber's statement I no longer have that dream. Ever heard the saying the customer is always right? If you don't want your customers jumping waves with your boats quit advertising in EVERY magazine with pictures of your boats in the air!!!!! Joe Neber must have to turn sidways to fit through a door with that head!!!!!! Gary
  15. Great contect and even better prize!!!!!!!