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  1. Mega-Yachts 1

    That brings back some memories, a company I worked for did a bunch of work on the lone ranger a few years back when it was down here.
  2. Hey Ron, what part of Cairns are you from? Beutifull part of the world, thats for sure.
  3. just to save anyone looking for post # 22
  4. Firefox fonts

    good question, thats the one reason I dont use firefox. I hope someone knows the answer
  5. What other Forums do you Frequent?

    Wiley I think that most of us are adults here and probably spend time on many forums, if people posting the names of other forums that they frequent is seen as threatening then I think you have underestimated many of your members. I for one found out about your new site because it was posted on another forum, I still spend a lot of time there, and I will spend time here, the two forums are very different. In fact the three forums that I posted are very different from each other as is the reason that I joined. I hope that you continue to be reasonable about this matter because rather than the listing of other forums being a threat I think that ovezealous moderation would be more threatening. just my $1,000,000,000,000 worth (inflation you know) it is your forum after all.
  6. "remember me"

    I agree, that is more of a gurn than a wink.
  7. Boat Rebuild-Tear Out

    Great thread, I will follow with interest as I am thinking about doing a bit of a wiring make over on my boat over winter. Keep the pictures going.
  8. I always said it!!!!

    good on him, too bad he didnt hit the guy between the eyes first shot.
  9. "remember me"

    I bet its related to all the cookie clearing he does due to the dodgy porn sites he visits
  10. What other Forums do you Frequent?

    FCB, , a couple of engineering sites and thats it. Oh and here.
  11. yep, if my boat was bouncing around on the trailer enough for me to worry about the weight on the outboard I know what I would be fixing.
  12. well, its a steel trailer, outboard and boat both around 24 years old, transom straps either side of outboard well, motor bracket directly to trailer, and we have very rough roads over here. It works well for me.
  13. The boat is strapped to the trailer, how can it bounce up and down?
  14. Thread #1

    I am still waiting for the correct place to position my steering wheel knob