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  1. Good ole' Fashion Grilling Thread

    Nothing like steaks on the grill. Make mine ribeyes. Coat both sides with Orville Redenbackers Buttery Flavored Popcorn Topping Oil, hit both both sides with Lawery's seasoned salt and black pepper. Grill to a perfect Medium Rare.
  2. Proud Papa

    Kudos, Ralph! Papa's got reason to be proud.
  3. Wisdom Teeth

    Smurf, Hope the pain goes away soon. When I had mine out. many moons ago, they gave me Tylenol 3 with codeine. No pain, but makes you constipated. I was so gassed up, I didn't notice. Until a week later I realized with great discomfort, I hadn't sh!t in a week! Wife drives me to emergency room, laughing her @ss off, so I can get two ememas for a severe fecal impaction. When everybody says I'm full of sh!t, I say "no, but I once was...."
  4. Hooks For Sale

    This is ridiculous! You can get twice as many hooks of far superior quality, for half the price you are asking. I know for a fact that those hooks are made of vastly inferior Chinese steel, that contains LEAD! You should be ashamed of yourself for trying to pawn off these inferior goods on us. How dare you. Can you break the set, throw in shipping, and take half now, and the other half in a "while"?
  5. What do you do......

    very popular amateur gynecologist, with a touch of palsy in my exam finger my other interests are: Offshore fishing, Scuba diving, Side Scan Sonar, Skeet shooting, Bluegrass, Video Production, Electronic Medical Records, Healthcare Reform, Grilling Devices, Venture Capital, Mergers and Aquisitions, Angel Capital, Exit Strategies, Woodworking, Charcuterie, Specialty Foods, Landscape Design, Geothermal HVAC, CAMA Regulations, Home Theatre Design, Consumer Electronics, Cooking, Food Preservation, Ham Curing, Dry Aging Beef, Beer Making, Home Distillation, Unimogs, Pinzgauers, Ram Pumps, Knots, Homemade Walk-In Coolers, Architectural Salvage, Heirloom Seeds, Heirloom Animal Breeds, Treehouses, Dogs, Sauces, Internet Humor, Poker, Cigars, Photography, Rainwater Collection, Magic, Cisterns, Ferrocement Water Tanks, Kitchen and Bath Design, Home Design, Earth Ovens, Solar Design, Alternative Building Methods, Economics, Zoning and Real Estate Law. but not necessarily in that order.....
  6. Class Action Lawsuits

    What I don't understand is this: I've gotten at least a dozen class action suit notices about stocks I own. Now obviously, they knew I owned then during the prescribed period of time, or they wouldn't have contacted me. They send a several page form that has to be filled out. Now I'm not going to dig through old broker statements to get the info to fill this out. Since they already have the info (hey, they contacted me, didn't they?), why not fill it out for me, send it for signature, and I'll send it back. I've always had the sneaking feeling, that they were better off if I didn't respond. Do they get to divvy up a bigger pot if I don't respond? Anyone out there know?
  7. Jet Skis To The Bahamas

    Ride Sally, ride! Upon your mystery ship. Sorry, I couldn't help it
  8. Mildew Cleaner

    Make your own. From the NC State University Extension office. Prepare a solution of 3 quarts warm water, 1 quart chlorine bleach, 1 ounce detergent and 3 ounces trisodium phosphate (TSP). Use a longhandled brush to scrub the surface, and then rinse with a garden hose. The solution also can be applied with a garden sprayer. This formula was for removing mildew from wood siding, but I find it works on everything. And if you splash it on your clothing, the bleached areas look like tie-dye!
  9. Am I Crazy?

    That is essentially the same system we use on the boat I work on, its called a fuel polisher. Basically there is a pump at the bottom of our tanks that pumps the fuel through a filter then puts it right back in the tank.
  10. Home Inspectors

    I once sold a $700,000 computer system to a medical group. They hired a consulting firm for $320,000 to monitor our installation. Not to train and install it, merely to "monitor" our training and installation. We had weekly status meetings. At one the consultant got up during a break and left the room. One of the medical groups members commented that the consultant was being awlful picky about busting on us about the installation, and how smooth they thought things were going. My reply was, "If you were paying me $320,000, I'd find something wrong too." If they had spent the $320,000 on additional training, they would have gotten ten times the bang for the buck.

    When I called myself easymoney, I meant it was easy for someone else, to win mine!
  12. Face of fear

    Who says a picture isn't worth a thousand words! Classic!
  13. First of all, our prayers go out to those affected by this senseless act. Greg, I agree wholeheartedly. No sense in letting him sit on death row or in some institution for 20 years. Administer justice swiftly. As Ron White says in his routine, "If three people witnessed you murdering somebody, you move to the head of the line. Other states are doing away with the death penalty, mine is putting in an express lane." We could only wish. Again, our sympathies to those affected.
  14. The story about the cop and the NFL player

    Caveman is right. I'm sure the cop was jacked up over the chase, but when the car pulls up in front of a hospital, that should have influenced his thinking. Give the guy the benefit of the doubt, and accompany him in. If he's lying, fry his @ss. When the nurse confirmed the situation, and he didn't let him go in immediately, that clinched his idiocy and poor judgement. If I was his chief, I wouldn't want someone on my team, that exercised such poor judgement. Put his @ss on the street in this poor job market. Maybe when he's bussing tables, he won't be so arrogant.

    Well thank you Michigan State for busting up my bracket, badly!!!!!!!!!!!!!