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  1. Correct prop?

    I checked the prop and the only thing on it is "17-K"
  2. Correct prop?

    Thanks for the replies. I will have to look at the prop for the numbers. It is a 19 foot that I believe weighs 1900 lbs. I hold 75 gallons of fuel so that is another 600 lbs. I guess a couple of hundred more with gear etc. It is rated for a 150 hp max.
  3. I have a 1999 Angler single engine catamaran with a Yamaha 115 two stroke. I cruise at 20mph at 4500-4700 rpm. WOT is 5400-5500 rpm but I only increase to 23-24 mph. Shouldn't I get more of a bump in speed. The prop came with the boat and is a 3 blade stainless. How do I find out if I am under propped short of buying and trying several different ones?
  4. St Michaels, MD

    Anyone familiar with this area? Going for a week at the first of July to Annapolis, St Michaels and Ocean City and wondering what things are available. Sure would like some input, thoughts, ideas, etc.
  5. Alright, it's not what you're thinking........... How do you determine which shaft length is correct for your boat? I've got a 1999 Angler single engine cat that I'm thinking of repowering. I brought it to a local dealer who said the 99 Yammie 115 I have on it now is a 25" shaft and he thinks it should be a 20". Since I don't have the original manual on this boat and Angler is ABSOLUTELY NO HELP AND NEVER RESPONDS TO ANY PHONE CALLS OR EMAILS I don't know where to find the answer. Do cats need the longer shaft outboard?
  6. Has anyone replaced a windshield lately? I'm looking to replace mine but can't seem to find a source for just the plexiglass windshield. Any ideas?
  7. ReelBoating Super Bowl Contest

    WHO DAT !!!!!!!!!!! SAINTS 31 COLTS 28
  8. ....for a Garmin GPS 125 Sounder.....anyone know an online site where I can find one. It's a 1999 model and the manual is missing. Anyone got any clues?
  9. What kind of draft does the boat have? Cruise and top speed? I'm really looking for a bay boat that is offshore capable but this beauty looks like it might work. Are you in the New Orleans area?
  10. Thanks. You're the second person who has told me to wait until I get there to find a charter. Since I want to go on my third day there it may be the way to go.
  11. Going to the Keys in mid October and looking for a good fishing guide who can accommodate two couples. Any suggestions?
  12. A lot of great options. I'd love an Everglades, but unfortunately it's not in my price range. Half the fun is shopping to find the right boat.
  13. I have a 1999 Angler Cat, single Yammy 115. The plate says the max hp is 150. Right now I cruise at 25-26 mph at 5000 rpm. I'm thinking of repowering but don't know whether to go with the max or something in the 130 hp to 140 hp range in a 4 stroke. Of course price is going to play a part and I really need to decide about how long I plan to keep the boat. There is very little info on this boat since apparently Angler only made it one year and they are not helpful at all. Don't even reply to emails or phone calls. I'm looking for a little more speed and a lot quieter. Hole shot doesn't really matter. How about some comments?