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  1. i dont use it that often only on tripsto the islands but i was just wondering whats beter for the tank? i guess i just use it and turn over the fuel every once in a while. thanks
  2. My boat has a 195 gal primary tank and a 50 gal reserve tank, i normally use the primary most of the time (90%) should i keep my reserve tank empty, full or patialy full. BTW my boat is in a wet dock not on a trailer, dont know if that makes a dif. Thanks in advance.
  3. Hello jc we are in Florida and interested in your boat please let me know how we can contact you for more info. Thanks Armando
  4. I've been offered this unit at around 1000 used (few months), are these units good? Ilove garmins-easy to use and I have an older raymarine and was looking to update when this one became available. Any suggestion or recomendations. Does anyone have experience with lowrance GPS.
  5. intrepids

    Dsaltydog, How do you like your suzuki's, I think they would be great repower option for me as they can be mounted on 26" centers, the yamaha's are a bit wider. Never been on a boat with zuke's.
  6. Engine won't start?

    Problem fixed! I had checked all the filters including the VST filter on the pump. I checked for spark and none of the wires had spark. I thought this myight be caused by the Crank sensor, (all my coils wouldn't go bad at once), switched it with my other motor, still nothing hapened and the other engine still turned on. Checked my fuses, the big 80 amp block ones on the side, turns out one of the connectors was dirty. cleaned it out just b/c i was there, I didn't think it could be that simple and the engine turned on. It apears that it just didn't get enough juice to start.
  7. One of my 02 2 stroke yami 250 sws turns over but does not start. I checked the pumps and they all appear to work as I get gas to the VST. I've checked all the filters to no avail, it can't be cgas b/c the other engines starts perfectly, I'm just alittle fustrated Anybody have any ideas??
  8. Boat cleaners

    try simple green, non toxic, works wonders on my boat.

    I saw the white one with a freind an few months back, the nonskid had been repainted and when you looked at it closely it was pealing off and when you looked inside the hatch on the starboard side next to the cc the stringer looked like it had a 1/8-1/4 " gap/crack from the hull.. it was scary looking. The broker told us it used to be a tender. Anyways it's still for sale and it a white 98 w/yamaha 250 2stroke. Ibelieve it's was priced in the 60's.

    emudryj, are you by any chance looking at the 1998 32 in dania?
  11. just joined boat questions

    Welcome, and what triumphrick said. Make sure you get your own surveyor, don't let a broker recomend one. Also look up some of the tax laws locally. You can sometimes get away with only paying taxes on the hull, discounting:engines , ttops, stereo, electronics , most accessories. Big bucks sometimes.
  12. July 4th Plans

    It was my 2 yr olds b-day so we sang happy birthday had some food and walked down to the marina to see the fireworks, She thinks they were for her. It was a great night. Then we came back and played a couple of round of dominos. The crazies were everywhere, we saw boats (from the safety of our marina) without any lights. Nutz!!!!!
  13. Bimini Trip How much oil?

    my engines normally get around 35:1 so I decided to take the 5 gallon tanks full and an additional 12 gallons, should be enough. Thanks for the suggestions.
  14. Do the mods, I will be looking to see if i can do this to my yamahas.
  15. Going to Bimini on Tuesday and I was wondering how much oil should i take for my twin yamaha 02-250 sws. I will be ther for a week or so, I 'll be leaving from miami.