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  1. 100% rebate for existing customers! Just purchased one from BOE.
  2. Health Problem

    Big cork???

    Howdy Doody!!!!!
  4. Boat Sales Continue to Decline

    Farcebook is a marketing tool for D-bag Groupies that are boat owner wannabees. Oh look! I have 123,876,907,23 friend requests, wahoowahoowahoo.
  5. Thought YOU [Wiley] said you were retaking pics?
  6. I'll be there on Friday.
  7. Boat purchase advice Please help

    You should consider a boating club like Freedom, you have a limited budget, what if your motor blows, you'll be buying an old clunker for 8K, join a boat club, get experience, drive a new boat, safer for your family, mo maintenance and insurance issues, etc. Try that on for a year save more money.
  8. What I Learned About Selling My Boat

    The best source for bona-fide leads and qualified buyers were the Boating Forums, having been on them for over 10 years gave me credibility and a prospective buyer could research all my posts to see if I posted up any issues with the boat or motors.
  9. I recently listed my 2003 Boston Whaler Conquest FOR SALE and had it SOLD within 2 weeks. After researching market prices and comparable boats from the various sources, I constructed an Ad in the format style as indicated below. a. Derive your stats from the Vendors site and be informative. b. Use Bullet points and highlight points you want to express. c. Include all relevant data, i.e., weight, fuel burn, LOA, etc. d. Indicate maintenance history with the ability to back up with records. e. Don't be wishy washy about the sale, either you want to sell it or you don't. Some ads say I want to sell but if I don't sell it in 30 days the price goes up or I'll just keep her. This indicates an unmotivated seller or someone who just doesn't care about the sale. f. Don't be negative about the boat, ie, it needs new canvas, tune up, lower unit, etc. If the boat requires repairs have them done prior to selling, buyers like 'curb' appeal not looking at an improperly maintained boat. RETURN CALLS PROMPTLY! Give prosepective buyers all your contact info, ie, cell numbers and e-mail. g. Don't ever tell buyers to email you for pics! Take lots of close-ups and include them with your ad. Show all areas of the boat from the anchor locker to the transom. No fuzzy pics, get a buddy with a good camera if you don't have one. Don't suggest clicking on your photobucket account to see the pics since it usually has other personal pics unrelated. h. Don't bother putting up pics of a dirty boat. It's amazing how people expect to get FIVE DIGIT++ Dollars for a boat with leaf stains, mold, mildewed fabrics and boat junk lying all over, CLEAN IT UP! i. Don't tell folks I'll have it detailed upon the SALE! DO IT NOW! Clean boats sell a lot easier than dirty ones. j. If you use a broker, make sure they know your boat and can answer all the questions a prospective buyer may have. k. PRICE IT OUT PROPERLY! Look at the marketplace, does your boat have bottom paint? That could be a negative, beat up cowlings, scuffed skegs, that tells me you ran in shallow water. Get a can of matching spray color paint and clear coat and paint that decrepid looking skeg. l. A boat is a large investment, mine sold quickly because I kept it in pristine condition with an open checkbook. People aren't likely to buy your boat if it's dirty and overpriced. j. Show motivation in the sale and write up a good Ad, if you can't ask a buddy with some marketing expertise to help you out. k. Advertise on all the usual internet outlets, BoatTrader, THT, Reel Boating, etc. l. Construct a fuel burn chart or download the manufacturers for your Ad. m. To save time obtain a current survey from a competent surveyor and leave nothing out. [cudos to Mist-Rest] n. If it's going to be a short-sale be upfront with the buyer. o. If you determine fair market pricing than stick with it, reducing the price evert couple days does not help in the sale and actually hinders. I f you get a bona-fide buyer that has done their homework you'll get an offer at your FAIR PRICE. p. Be honest with the prospective buyer about why you are selling, ie, moving up, lost job, lost interest, no use, etc. q. I found the best outlet for marketing was on the boating forums, since many folks knew I was a long time poster and could easily search and any issues that I may have posted with the boat or motors would be apparent. r. As Mist-Rest stated, always be honest with a prospective buyer and answer all questions truthfully. If you tell the buyer you'll do something be a person of your word. It'll leave a warm fuzzy feeling on both sides. s. Try to resolve any service issues that may arise or issues that a survey detects. Be sure the have a technician check out the motors for compression and lower units for any water intrusion along with a general review of the mechanical systems overall. t. Arrange or assist the buyer with transportation, especially if a boat hauler or trailer is needed. If you're selling a trailer have it serviced so it does not break down before the new owner gets it home. u. Do Not Be Offended By Buyers Comments! v. Just like selling a house not everyone will appreciate all your choices of upgrades or electronics. Be flexible if you have a bona-fide buyer who hates Icom, tell them you'll be happy to issue a credit against the price for a Standard Horizon. Learn to overcome objections with positive ideas to help make the sale work and with a good attitude. w. Don't be afraid of an out of country buyer, I had numerous calls from Australia that were bona-fide. Now Nigeria might be another matter! x. Don't try to barter boats, trade up or down, it's really going to complicate the issue. y. Try to line up some sources of financing in the event your buyer needs it you can just plug him in. If the buyer needs to sell his boat first don't waste your time and money chasing the sale. z. Take at least 10% down payment subject to agreeable/acceptable seatrial and survey. 1. Don't offer up incentives such as free airline tickets, hookers, charter fishing trips, jetskis or any other extraneous 'toys'. These are not going to be icentives to a serious buyer. 2. DUMB THINGS NOT TO STATE IN YOUR AD! "powdercoating has a couple cancerous spots that could be repaired" "although dirty in pics, it is very clean" "I'm listing this boat for a friend" "Posting this boat for my cousin" OK, is that your cousin Vinny? "Have mixed feelings about this however gonna see how it goes" "I will be posting pictures as soon as I get her out of storage (inside) and detailed" "If someone closes by next friday you can have her for $69,999.99 ........ ... after that it goes on market for 79k" "Anyone know what's fair for this year/model? I'm way below NADA right now" "Asking $56,000, Bank transfer or check no cash" Why woulnd't anyone take cash? Cash is King! OK, you get the ideas, these types of statements are NOT GOING TO BE HELPFUL IN MARKETING YOUR BOAT! HELPFUL PHRASES TO SELL YOUR BOAT! " Well maintained very clean" " Boat is in new condition,(ONLY 260 HOURS) Motors still under warranty till 2/17/12,stored inside" "the engine has a warranty until 2013" "email me if you have any questions" "1 owner, bought new in 2004" This boat has been dealer maintained with fluids changed every 50 hours" "loaded with Electronics and meticulously maintained" OK, Hopefully you get the ideas.
  10. Wheres SEAVee? Yellowfin? Intrepid? Were they camera shy??
  11. My New Bayliner Catches Tuna!

    Sorry, NOT