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  1. I have a blue and white 20 McKee Craft that I bought a year ago...similiar to a BW...completely redone,simply georgeous.. Ive just finished the floors in one section and a few other things, trailer has never been in the water. needs motor, rigging, seats, and cleats.. I dont know how to post pics..but my email is Jassman69@msn.com Thanks Jeff
  2. Alloy is the way to go...

    Now here are some beautiful cats.. and yes, I love the alloy.. Really liking this 21' http://missionmarine.com/21.htm
  3. Needing input from REELBOATING members.... Im working with Tideline as to modifying their back deck...more of an open offshore fishing boat. #1...Doing away with the flip up seats and wide back standing deck. It will open that entire aft section up for fishing. Install a fish box in the aft gunnel, and a fold down seat for when not in use. The livewell then can be relocated behind the rockit launcher... or #2..put the live well on the starboard aft section and fish box on port side, leaving the center open for the seat, and fold down when not in use.. whats everyones feeling on these set ups..vs the set up that is currently there. Thanks guys..looking for input. Jeff. WWW.TIDELINEBOATS.COM It would be nice if I could post some pics..Jeff
  4. I totally agree with this theory.. I love what I do creating custom homes...even though it sucks at the moment..but couldnt see doing anything else..except..building boats..LOL
  5. To set the record straight.. I do know both parties involved. One is a friend, and the other an aquaintance that I see regularily on this bayou/river. My info comes from Mark Richardson, and the rescue air boat driver that happened to be working for me that day, and was on his way home..via the waterway. The bayou in that particular section is an area that both boaters are well aware of. I live only a 1/4 mile away from it, Mark is on the water about every weekend, and the boat that ran over them George E Brower II also has a weekend location just up the river from me...so everyone is aware of it. Im still waiting for the tox report..and I know that The Richardsons..just from hanging out with them..will pass...the other guy..I cant say, cause I know that I will be involved. The Richardson were just getting going after checking a trout line, and were on the correct side, when the other boat hung it on the wrong side to avoid the sand bar, and ran over the top of them...there are a few more details after that that I have to leave out..but bottom line..they fled the scene..Bottom line a beautiful boy was killed, a father has a loss of his son, an uncle that doesnt even want to be on the water way again...devastation..due to senceless behavior.. I apologize for the poor spelling..spell check not working.. Thank You Jeff Jassby
  6. Thanks Larry..email sent
  7. Wow, thank you guys for the help..a few pay pals and checks came in. Mark and Stormy have not come back yet from Indiana where little Blake was to be buried. The paper got the story screwed up stating that the driver of the other boat helped with the rescue..not true...it was a real nice guy doing work for me on a dock that was going home and unfortunetly came upon the scene 7-8 minutes later. Im waiting for the toxology report to come in, I allready know one side, and will wait before I convict the lawyer/financial invester that fled and has tried to turn this event around..all over New Orleans cause he comes from a prominent family. Total BS....HOW DO YOU LIVE WITH YOURSELF... RIP my lil buddy.. any questions call or email me... thank ya'll. 228-216-0900 Jeff anyone know how to post a pic.. thank you
  8. Friends have been asking about a paypay account to send contributions through. one has now been set up & here it is: Sallysunrise@hotmail.com. Thank You everyone for your prayers and support. Jeff.
  9. Thank You guys.. The part that really sadens me worse is that the driver after he saw what was going on, and as the rescue air boat was driving Mark and his son to a dock 1/4 mile away...he just left..I cant say to much cause I know all parties involved, including the rescue boat...this was the wrong thing to do...there are no excuse in the world that you can tell me while you see a man holding his sons lifeless body...and then drive off.
  10. Friends of ours were in a terrible boating accident on Saturday. Still can't believe it. Adorable little 6 yr old Blake Richardson was killed Saturday afternoon in a boating accident 1/4 mile from our house. So Very Tragic...His father Mark was hurt very bad, and will probably have permant damage to his arm, if they are able to save it. The driver of their boat was Bill, Marks brother, who faired out well, and extremely lucky. Another boat drove over the top of them on the passanger side while they were stopped. Our Deepest Sympathy to the entire Richardson Family. These are good hard working people, that are need of our help as a community. A benefit act in the name of Blake Richardson has been opened at Hancock Bank. Diamondhead Act #045397162 or you can mail the checks to our address since we will be seeing them through these difficult times. Blake Richardson 8230 Maunalani PL. Diamonhead, MS 39525 account. 045397162 Any help is so apprieciated....THANK YOU GUYS, funeral is tomorrow. WLOX News - A young boy, injured in a boating accident in Hancock County died and two other passengers on the boat he was in sustained injuries. Six passengers from the other boat suffered minor injuries. According to the Mississippi Department of Marine Resources (DMR) two recreational boats collided head-on in Rotten Bayou near the Jourdon River north of I-10 in Hancock County on Saturday. According to Hancock County Coroner Norma Stiglet the young boy was identified as Blake Richardson. An autopsy showed that multiple injuries caused by the impact resulted in his death. Stiglet stressed that drowning was not a factor in his death. Richardson was pronounced dead at 11:35 p.m. Saturday at Hancock Medical Center. Blake Richardson was riding with his father, Mark Richardson and his uncle, William Richardson at the time of the accident. William was operating the 19-foot Critchfield skiff. According to DMR Richardson was the only passenger wearing a life jacket on the skiff. The other boat, a 22-foot Boston Whaler, had six people onboard. The 22-foot Boston Whaler was operated by George Brower II. All six passengers were ejected from the boat at the time of the collision and sustained slight injuries. Blake Richardson was picked up by an airboat operator and taken to Devil's Elbow in Diamondhead where they were met by Hancock County Sheriff's Department, Diamondhead Fire and Rescue and American Medical Response. The accident is still under investigation by DMR's Marine Control and Department of Wildlife Fisheries and Parks. DMR has taken possession of both vessels and a blood test was taken on both vessel operators. Test results are still pending.
  11. AmeraCat 31

    whens Americat going to build a 20-23 cat..
  12. Sea Vee Boats 34 Luxury Edition

    very nice...Im curious to what the numbers are...thanks
  13. Rear Seat

    looks reel good...had a similiar set up on the Albury..congrats
  14. send me your email, I have a 20 McCraft redone hull, and console on a new trailer.. Ill send you some pics if interested, and your relatively close, so I can deliver. Thanks Jeff Jassman69@msn.com

  15. Welcome - Mate Series

    perfect...I like this