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  1. VeroWing added a post in a topic Anyone here from New York   

    Boated out of Harts Cove (Moriches) for years, now in Sebastian, Fl.
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  2. VeroWing added a post in a topic Transom repair question   

    I rebuilt transom on my late '80s Grady Seafarer some years back. It was a large amount of work, and I would never do another for $2100. If you choose to have someone do this rebuild for you, get some references from past customers to be sure they know what they are doing. It would be very easy to do a halfazzed repair that won't hold up. Only you can decide if your hull is worth repairing, but before committing to do transom, have stringers, bulkheads, deck, etc. checked for similar damage. If repair person checks out, and prior customers seem satisfied, I'd think $2100 was a good price. Be sure to get explanation of how rebuild will be done, and guarantee of work. Just my opinion.
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  3. VeroWing added a post in a topic Johnson 115 VRO shot again? Need advice   

    One thing you should definitly check, and one I've encountered with the same symtoms you have, is check and clear the fuel tank vent opening. These get clogged, especially in off season, with bees' nests, etc. It creates a vacuum in your tank, and will not let fuel go through lines to engine.
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  4. VeroWing added a post in a topic LIVE FISHING SEMINAR ON REELBOATING.TV TONIGHT   

    That was great!. Lots of good info. Thanks Wiley, and ReelBoating!
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  5. VeroWing added a post in a topic Offshore Fishing ...... 21 foot Dual Console   

    Sounds like a plan. Link below is method Poveromo uses. May come in handy for you.
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  6. VeroWing added a post in a topic Video Section Coming Soon   

    Sounds great!
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  7. VeroWing added a post in a topic Stolen trip engine Jupiter, Key Largo   

    Glad they caught them. Its a shame there are people doing crap like that, and it appears that the number is growing. I worry for our children and grandchildren about the alarming rate of moral decay in our country. Hope we can turn it around.
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  8. VeroWing added a post in a topic What is wrong with my engine? Air getting in fuel? Yamaha F40, video attached   

    Check fuel tank vent for blockage, and check all fuel lines for collapsing under pressure.
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  9. VeroWing added a post in a topic Pourable transom material?   

    I researched various pourable transom cores before rebuilding my transom with traditional wood, but I found plenty of users of "SeaCast" were very satisfied with their results.
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  10. VeroWing added a post in a topic I feel special.   

    Welcome Frank. I'll bet you'll like the ReelBoating forum. Great sharing of info, and I find members here to be more mature and seasoned. I'm not saying we're old, but, oh never mind! Mike
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  11. VeroWing added a post in a topic Winds out of the East, Fish bite the least?   

    I guess that depends on where you're fishing. Hope that "oil relesae" gets cleared up soon for you guys. Mike
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  12. VeroWing added a post in a topic Born again Grady   

    Thanks all!

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  13. VeroWing added a post in a topic 31' Fountain Center Console   

    Choosing correct prop sometimes is trial and error. First you need to find the top recommended operating rpms for your engines. You'll want your boat, when at full throttle, to be at this limit. Not lower, not higher.
    To actually find that "correct" prop for your boat, many go to their local marina or marine parts store and seek recommendations. If you are friendly with some suppliers, they will let you trial a few different props, knowing you are eventually going to purchase from them. You should be able to contact Mercury with all your hull info (weight, length, etc.), and ask their recommendation for prop dimensions.
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  14. VeroWing added a topic in Boating and Fishing Discussion   

    Born again Grady
    Launched my Grady Seafarer yesterday for the first time in almost two years. I just completed a complete rebuild from bow to stern, and everything in between.
    Shortly after purchasing I found that transom core was deteriorated to a point of being unsafe. Decided to tackle rebuilding it on my own. It had a single 200 Johnson on it, and I figured it would be a good time to go with twins. Found an excellant deal on a pair of very low hour 2002 Tohatsu 115s with all accessories. While researching Tohatsus, found out that the 115s are made by "detuning" 140s. What they do is retard timing two degrees, and place a throttle stop on number one carb. After speaking with Tohatsu mechanic, I brought timing back to 140 specs, and removed carb stop on carbs. Instant 140s!
    All in all, it was quite an job replacing everything, including all wiring, electronics, engines, transom, cockpit floor covers, controls, steering, and on and on. There were many times I wondered why I was even doing this, instead of just purchasing a better boat. Now that it is complete, and I took it out on for the first time in a few years, I could not be happier, and glad I took it on. See you out there. Mike

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  15. VeroWing added a post in a topic Big Mako Off Fort Lauderdale   

    That's terrible. Why not just shoot it with a 12ga when it is swimming around the boat? Better yet, run the boat over it and hit it with the props.
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