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  1. can motor be run with no exhaust tube

    no problemo it runs great not sure if im losing some power by not having theexhaust tuner?
  2. can motor be run with no exhaust tube

    evinrude 175 turns out it's the exhaust tuner.
  3. new transom

    im getting a lot of drag off the jack plate Im going to have to do some modifying. heres a pic in the water ran 23 knots but lots of drag & havnt played with the prop.
  4. new transom

    heres the pic wiht the cmc jackplate & 175 evinrude.
  5. new transom

    same rotation 65hp not available in counter rotation.
  6. new transom

    just finished switched from dual motors to single motor. It's raining no testing today unless this rain lets up.
  7. can motor be run with no exhaust tube

    pees fine water tube in place inner exhaust tube failed.
  8. pulled my lower unit & found the exhaust tube in peices looks like it coroded away. can the motort be run with out the tube? the drsg boats remove the tube but they also drill holes in the midsection. Im want ting to water test & have a tournament to fish this weekend. any chance i can run it like this?
  9. sold

    bought too many units for the boat. I need one your choice only one is for sale im keeping whichever doesnt sell. these are gps fishfinder combo units veiwable in dirrect sunlight on an open boat in like new condition. more pics available L1250 900.00 10.5 inch screen L760 500.00 7" screen unit comes with seatalk box, power cable, mount & transducer(transducer needs the correct plug for the unit) william 514-0333
  10. 6-Year-Old Girl Hooks Giant Halibut

    Well that is an awsome fish & she should be proud forever. I read the article & had the same thought how is she intering it in a derby tournament or any other sanctioned sportsman event. I dont belive there is a debate here she did not catch the fish on her own it may or may not fit into the rules of the derby. Thats for the officals to determine & the parents should have read the rules & made there own determination that the fish was legal to enter. If they made the wrong choice then the officials have a responisibility to enforce the rules. We all know snagging fish is wrong as is poching but people do it I chose not to as I am a sportsman. I thank the lord everyday I dont have to enforce the rules. I just make sure I can sleep at night so I follow the rules & teach my children to folow the rules since right & wrong starts at home.
  11. [A name=Kingair' date='Nov 19 2009, 11:56 PM' post='25293] Found this on other site "The clamp bracket did not break......... and it happened at 40 MPH in calm waters..... we hauled it out and supported the A until the guys from Midnight came to take it away...... The motor was ok,,,,, no water ingestion, infact there was no visible damage. It did damage the motor next to it with it's prop... took a chunck out of the cav plate. The motor was through bolted to a plate to get it higher and the plate had studs welded to it to attach it to the transom. there were no through bolts directly holding the motor onto the transom. The studs sheared right at the plate and the motor was left dangling off one remaining stud and the tie-bar. "
  12. my piranha props showed up today

    wellturns out i dropped a cylinder but didnt relise it till it was tooooooooooooooo late compresion 120,0,120. Happened to find a replacement on craigs list headed to get it tonight then off with the old on with the used.
  13. I belive the swivels are all steel & it was pretty well intack the ring had just started to break down.
  14. my daughter just thinks it's the coolest.
  15. my piranha props showed up today

    I had to work all weekend hoping to get out this evening