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  1. The Perfect Husband

  2. 787 Fire

    On the local Sydney news tonight they said the QANTAS A380's will be out of service for at least another 2 weeks and possibly longer.
  3. 787 Fire

    It is an acronym not a word, thus it doesn't need the U. Oh and looks like the A380's will be grounded for a while longer yet. They have all been removed from the summer schedules.
  4. 787 Fire

    That would be QANTAS.......no U dude! Queensland And Northern Territory Air Service
  5. Trolling thread

  6. Thinking of a new TV

    My post assumed you were going to use it indoors for High Definition viewing. BTW HDMI is the latest digital cable system for audio visual gear and stands for High Definition Multimedia Interface. You will need to connect your comcast box to the Tv via HDMI if you want the best high def picture. But given you will only be using this in the shop, you probably don't need to go to that extent. Your 40" looking smaller than the older TV is probably because it is a widescreen set vs the old aspect ratio of 4:3. You will notice all new sets are wider than they are tall. If viewing a lot of 4:3 ratio broadcasts, they viewing area can be smaller than what you might see on a 4:3 screen. Sorry if all I have done is confuse you!
  7. Genset?

    30' Grady Marlin
  8. Thinking of a new TV

    IMHO you don't need LED. Just figure out the viewing distance, which will then tell you what size screen you need. Then go find a Samsung LCD 120Hz 1080p panel with the right number of HDMI inputs that you will need and buy it. No need to spend for anything more than this.
  9. Trolling thread

    So we now know Boatman and Joey are ignoring each other.....what a classic....a thread where they sling crap at each other but they can't see what the other is saying! LOL
  10. Genset?

    Yeah a few things here I didn't think of, like charging the DC batteries when the genset is running. Anybody else?
  11. Genset?

    What services do most people run off their genset? I am guessing A/C, but what else do you need to fire up the genset to use when away from the dock?
  12. Trolling thread

    Hey Tim…just be careful not to get gut hooked by a Mod! LOL
  13. Trolling thread

    I don't have a personal problem with anybody....or any questions asked....I just think it is all good entertainment!
  14. How do those bikini tops with no straps stay on?
  15. WTF - Talking on the cell when in the bathroom

    That story is an absolute bloody classic!